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19. Belgium


Dualism or just dealing wih natural schizofernia?


Belgium is my neighborcountry and the border is only 20 kilometers away from my house. Also this border might be one of the first borders in the EU that is completely open. Belgium is nice, selfminded and absolutely not so rough and tough as Dutch people are. Meanwhile we have passed Belgium many times during the journey of 80 Questions around the world. For one reason or another we have done very little presentations in Belgium. I hope that will change. But it is easy to make mistakes. In case we would announce we would like to play in Belgium, quite some promotors might be less interested since they promote events in Flandres and not in Belgium.
The title of this article is related to the fact that every time we pass Belgium, there are 'communotaire' problems, problems with the identification of the regions. The country is a federation and a kingdom in the same time. It is dissolving like many other countries in the larger EU. But is is also dissolving as a state by itself.


I will keep an open space up here, on this country report about Belgium. Having in mind I would prefer to get deeper into the subject after having worked there, and after having met people in both their professional as well their personal way of doing. Johnny Ronaldo gave me an insight and I'm looking forward to that.


The first mojor presentation took place at the Gevleugelde Stad Festival in Ieper. That was also the first time we used the tent at official presentations. And that gave us a little different situation. Usually the truck and the paintings attracs the people. Now they saw a tent and were wondering what was inside. Is it worthwile to go in or not? The second day we more or less opened two doors and made an tube you could cross. Very nice stuff. We hope the Belgium promoters have seend the positive reactions towards the project.


Name : Ieper
Objectives : Gevleugelde Stad Festival

related websites: here
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In relation with 80 questions : excellent presentation


Name : Floreffe
Objectives : play games and have fun
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In relation with 80 questions : none


Name : Antwerpen
Objectives : Kolonne Grenswerk
related websites: Zesde Kolonne
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In relation with 80 questions : Kolonne samenwerking met onderzoek voor de langere termijn.

Name : Antwerpen
Objectives : get in touch
contact : Nana Dankwa
related websites: Show Your Hope
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In relation with 80 questions : artists


Name : Caves
Objectives : get down under
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Name : Zolder
Objectives : meet the circus
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relation with 80 Questions : be a friend and have a private presentation

Link: Circus Ronaldo