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18. Italy


Straight from the Italian toe

Life can be hard and life pre-arranged. But our journey to the toe of Italy was an unexpected trip, funny, sunny and confirmed only 2 hours before departure. but that didn't make thhe trip any less worth. Destination Maierato, Calabria. The ancient Greek landing point and former Spanish colony Calabria is known in north of Europe and place of tourism and Maffia. But we prefer to speak about Familia, in order to show that there are much more family ties in general, als only is known through maffia films and stories. To be part of the family is a fact, also if the role you play in life, the role of the black sheep, the emigrant or loner. To take care of understanding about the caracters of the family is a responsability all members share. There is harship and comfort, there is misunderstanding, unfreedom and there is safety. In my humble opinion that sounds like a normal anywhere on this planet called 'home'.

So, we hooked up with the neighbor at the Maierato Grand Christmas Exhibition, Vincente. He works in a shoe shop and speaks German. We bought new shoes tasted the the Italian feet. We have tasted some complicated but interresting thoughts. Complicated because the dillemmas as faced during communication seems so ancient and so true, as well confusing and even repuslive, in some way. But it also seems clear most people understand these ancient dillemmas of the mind. I mean. We were invited to introduce international art for this exhibition and create a working period for some of these artists. Talking up a responsability with the first major journey of the yello brother, the DAF 1800, and taking artist Wiel Wiersma and Marc Swinkels, Organizer Gio van den Broek and the double driver. All with their personal diseres. Not to mention the personal whishes of all members to break out the daily work we have done for a long year in Holland. Have a break. Take your time. Given the relatively short period of time we have had seven days active exhibition with two Dutch artists and the Mobile Global Exhibition 'Show Your Hope', including DJ Cocktail with worldmusic from all continents. But we also visited five or six ateliers of local artists. Antonio la Gamba and Toto Rafaelo, Herr Hellerer, Soriano worsphere, Nik Spatari at Museum Santa Barbara, the Soniano houshold with Ukrainian artists Juri Kuku and Mister Mariano. We met Tropea, seen the night in Vibo Valentia with the help of an excellent simultanious translator.
We have mainly been thinking about long term cooperation while beeing out for a slip of a week in the tip of the toe of Italy

Mainwhile we met Marcello Colasurdo, singer of the group Spaccanapoli, over a year ago in Napoli. Marcello is a man of the streets of Napoli, but also big teacher of tambourina in the outskirts neighborhoods of Napoli. He might be more known as the Pasha in Fellini's 'Intevista'. The Yello Brother did not have the honour to welcome this friend of joy and desire, of responsability and expression. And also a friend of tradition and pasion. We just passed three hours at the feet of Vesuvius and do not blame him anything. Looking forward to meet again.

Short flash in Rome. meet our curtain, the limit of imagination; The collosuem. Went home, to return


See some impressions.


Name : Soriano
Objectives : Painters working space
kilometer :

In this venue a complete ceramic studio is situated. It is going to be a complete artists studio, Bottega di Artisti.



Name : Grand Natal Exhibition
Objectives : change of style
kilometer :

Meeting Antonio la Gamba, who traveled with us to Masuba. Dispite of the language, there is a lot of communication.


Name : Working period
Objectives : art tour
kilometer :

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Name : Mobile Global Exhibition in Calabria
Objectives : show your hope
kilometer :

Name : Napoli
Objectives : Meet Marcello Colasurdo
kilometer :

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Name : Campania
Objectives : get the picture???
kilometer :

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Name : At the Coloseum
Objectives : hit and run picture
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