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8. France


enough work, talk and smalltalk

France is an extremely beautifull country, as many tourists can admit. We have not been here long and we're quite sure we will pass France more often on this journey. besides the country is big, the art is great and we need absolutely more time to make a serious report. Still we do not feel reluctant to give these first impressions. And yes, we were looking for European integration buy maybe we should have never asked.. It must be said our French is not too good but we're finding more and more people who speak english. But when things become harder to explain, French have the same trouble with english as I have with french language. So we're listening to what foreigners have to say about this and we keep our eyes open. Besides that we decided to do something, meet live as it is; we joined the circus.
Circus Zavatta is a 'small' circus with 6 big trucks travelling almost every day to another place. Ten family members (of which three children), four employers and three regintegration kids (kids that otherwise would be in jail), Dutch people and two volunteers.
We passed the small roads at the Cote D'Azur and the route national. We passed Grenoble, of which it was said it was the European Jeruzalem about 150 or 200 years ago. Porbably because reiligious people were not slauhering each other that much in Grenoble as they did in other regions for 1500 years, while the story war aruond they didn't do this in Jeruzalem. But cities like Sarajevo look more like Ieruzalem, in many ways.
The French always did it their own way and what's why others might call it chauvinistic. At least it led in France to an open stand against war for domination. Whatsoever the political reasons that came with that decision, they said no to the war and to monoculture.
Mister Buve is well known. As some kind of Walensa hero type he's attacking McDonalds and others who push genetic manipulated food with the argument "we first should see it it's good and only after see if it brings money".

We've passed Jura, Haute Marne, Metz, many places and give just a small first impression.



Name : Circus Zavatta
Objectives : make a living
contact :B.P. 8 - 13220 Chateauneuf Les Martigues

related websites: Zavatta Google
kilometer : 7701

In relation with 80 questions : work experience

Name : Rheid Mohammed
Objectives : reintegration
contact : Paris Nord
related websites: none
kilometer : 7702

In relation with 80 questions : decore NGO


Name : Grenoble
Objectives : Pictures
related websites: Official site
kilometer : 8398

In relation with 80 questions : none

Name : St Julien
Objectives : friendly visit
related websites : none
kilometer : 8642

relation with 80 Questions : Eindhoven relation

Name : Toulon
Objectives : transit
related websites :
kilometer : 7751

Relation with 80 Questions : escape the rain