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25. Pakistan

Pakistan, country in trouble

We have only travelled transit through Pakistan. Twice. Unfortunately. There have not been contacts that could help us to make an exhibition. Meanwhile quite some other stuff was going on. The anti muslim film of the Dutch politician was to be released. It made the Dutch Embassy reacting quite paranoia to our information we were going to visit. And that does not help. Benazir Buttho got killed the day after we decided to go. There have been complicated elections. In the north somekind of war is going on between tribal factions and the army. Anyway the situation in neighboring Afghanistan of course is desasterous and of great influence on Pakistan. The army is the most powerfull force in Pakistan, which is weird in a decmocracy. Pakistan is a country with nukes, a country with many poor people and a country with extremely great nature.
We have decided only to have presentations if we are sure we have good and strong spport and unfortunately that was not the case. So we went only transit and met many very nice people. Poverty does not mean arrogance. Let that be the message of this short story.



Name : Nuski
Objectives : Making another registration

kilometer :

In Pakistan we have made aproximately 20 registrations at police checkpoint. However, all were nice and friendly. Sometimes you are forced to drink a cup of tea.

Name : Baluchistan
Objectives : make a panorama shot


The country is extreme beautifull. We made a pen shot with the camera and when finished, we made this picture.

Name : Pakistan trucks
Objectives : feeling modest

Some people like our thuck and other love in. In Pakistan we got two feet on the ground again. The truck are completely amazing. They drive like hell, but look seriously good.

Name : Jamil in Quetta
Objectives : Showing hope on our truck
kilometer :

In Quetta we had to fix our mirrors. We got support by Jamil who turned out to be a graphic designer. While waiting for the mirrors to be fixed, heput these letters on our truck. Very nice man. Meanwhile Bart is smiling again. Also very nice man.

Name : crossroad at Jacobabad
Objectives : being surprized again
kilometer :

There is a lot of ways to make chaos and the Pakistani do it the easy way: all together. At this crossroad entering Jacobabad we got surprised again, It took almost an hour to cross this crossroad. BUt actually this can be fun as well.

Name : Jake
Objectives : help him out
kilometer :

At one of the police checkpoints we met Jake. We were ordered to take him along. He was traveling on a bike from Ireland to India. In fact he was going to Puna, like us. And his mother is working as art teacher-therapists at schools. Besides cycler he´s also paragliding )like our two co-travellers Bart and Irene, and he´s painting. Amazing. We met agian in Puna, but that is in the India countryreport.
More respect to Jake because he wanted to get out as soon as possible in order to continue his cycling journey.