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23. Azerbeidjan

Azerbeidjan, country of oil and SUV, and poverty, of course

while having a great journey and being able to find th epositive sides of anyt place we visit, we were very disappointed in being in Azerbeidjan. Communication is hard because there is hardly no english, there is some connection with Turkish but we are not too good in that and Russian is not liked enough to pay attention to. Then there is this situation of the oil. The country became independent after the fall of the USSR. Soon it got into war with Armenia. The problem of Narkorno Karabach is not solved but putted in status quo. And then what happened= nothing. A small elite took very fast money, build huge hotels and bought extreme big SUV´s to show those who did not have a big car that they are superior on the roads. I guess the leadership did not hear about the PP reflection, or it did not care about it. The PP reflection is the politic-public reflection. That means that what ever politics is doing, the public will follow it one way or another. meanwhile whatever the public does will be picked up by the politicians, since politicians, even the most autoriarian ones, know that if the public does not respect the politics anymore, there is trouble.
So the audience looked at the big guys and started to do the same: steal money where ever possible. Ther eis no situation imginable where he public does do try to get extra money out of your pocket. the tricks are so cheap and the determination so big, while the conviction so poor that it almost became a little pathetic. They are even not interested in selling you some fruit. they are only interested in getting more money out of you as they said they will when you started the conversation.
After visiting Adil Rustamov, father of Wawa Rustamova, who is long time participant of the mobile global exhibition, we decided to leave the coutry as soon as possible. It does not make any sense to be in a place where nobody cares about you but only about the money they can take from you unfair.
It is about time to repair the streets instead of putting signs next to the street with temporary wisdom.




Name : Baku Port
Objectives : Our parking place

kilometer :

Our first look at the Caspian sea

Name : Rustamov
Objectives : giving greetings from dauther and family


... and ... are the father and mother of Wawa Rustamova, participant at the mobile global exhibition. Although ... is a respecte dart teacher with many awards, he could not move people to have an exhibition in Azerbeidjan. `It will be too much trouble for too much time`.

Name : Market in ...
Objectives : get food

Also here people made us crazy. Can´t they really count or is this a natinal trick. You ask what it costs. They say 2 and when you pay it is three. NOt these people by the way. We did´t buy their shoes.

Name : everywhere
Objectives : Mr. Alijev statement
kilometer :

Mr Alijev is the presidant of this country. His wisdom is spread all over the place.