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20. Rumenia

Rumenia, country of plastic bags and unexpected friendlyness.

For many years I was not really interested visiting Rumenia. And to be honest, I do not know why. Maybe in the time I was playing music or working as musicmanager, there have been limited options. Maybe because we have not real contacts in Rumenia. Maybe the stories that go around have influenced my prejudgements. Anyway, it never happend. Untill 2008. In 2007 we met Stefania on Sziget festival and she just asked us bluntly if we would like to support her organization with their job; stimulating awareness about HIV. The offer was to present in Constantsa, Rumenia and in villages nearby, where people and children live with low futureperspectives. We mentioned that it would not be easy to arrange this, obviously due to financial consequences. 'Maybe on our way to India', I joked. She was persistent and patience, so when the time came we had a confirmation to go to India, she was the first to make and appointment with: our first stop to India.
We didn't know that much about Rumenia besides that it became part of European Union recently and a rich gypsy history. The Baylor Black Sea Foundation works with the after effects of the communistic era. There is a large amount of children infected by HIV due to medical experiments and neglectance. The country is relatively poor. The possibility to have a bright idea about the future is rare amoung young people. Those who have education leave the country.
But it is also a friendly country doing it's best to get along with other nations, with many people that work hard in order to make the make the best out of it. One minor point: during our journey we were speaking about environmental polution. It was mentioned that in China they banned plstic bags because every day 5.000.000 were dumped. In Rumenia we have seen were these bags came from. On our way, during an early spring time, we have seen many fields completely covered with plastic bags. We have not yet seen people harvesting these bags, but it would be a good job if the Rumenian government tries to avaid corruption, and organizes a national clean up. Not only many people will have a job here, also many many Rumenian people will appriciate it. But now... since nothing happens, many people seem to be fatalistic, and do not care about their surroundings either, since it is a mess anyway.

Although we have been so near, we have hardly seen the Black Sea due to the fact we were busy.


Name : Constantsa
Objectives : Presentation at
Scoala Piatra

kilometer :

On our war to India we presented in Constantsa. On invitation of the Baylor Black Sea Foundation (see below) we presented at schools and museum. with a massive amount of kids around.

Name : Constantsa
Objectives : Presentation at
Scoala Dobrobancu


Also at this second school we have done a presentation and a workshop. Excellent result because everybody was happy and most of us learned something useful.

Name : Constantsa, Art Museum
Objectives : public presentation in order to project cooperation

During our visit to Constantsa it was our main objective to promote the work of our partner. So besides presentations at schools we had this presentation in the Art Museum, solocal people interested in art could come and see. Almost 200 people did.

Name : Bucharest
Objectives : getting a picture with famous buildings
kilometer :

In our collection of yellow truck and famous buildings this former Ceaucescu Palace could not be forgotten. The one after largest government building in the world (after the Pentagon) is there, waiting to get more functions.

Name : Constantsa
Objectives : get supplies
kilometer :

All good things are made at home, Slavic people like to say. And although the Rumenian are not Slavic people, due to their commen history and their regional connection, they function quite similar in many ways. Here we are taking supplies for the road to come.

Name: Constantsa
Objectives : visit our partner organization Baylor Black Sea Foundation
Kilometer :

The cooperator of the Baylor Black Sea Foundation saw us in Hungary, the year before. Baylor Black Sea Foundation is mainly working with HIV awareness. Stefania asked us if we were willing to come and show the kids in the region the positive sides of live, still being serious about the topics we have to deal with. Sure. They took great care of us and organized well, and friendly. Excellent job.

Link: Baylor Black Sea Foundation

Name : Danube
Objectives : getting to our destination
kilometer :

While getting to our destination we almost got to the end of the Danube. However. Here it turns north and goes to the border of Moldavia and spreads out into a huge delta. Great infrastructural works at the farest point of the Danube river I have ever been.