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4. Serbia


Passing a virtual border

Having the European integration in the back of our mind, the situation changed completely once we have passed the Hungarian-Serbian border. Was is a question how to discribe European integration in the new EU countries, entering former Yugoslavia there is no doubt about this; "If there is some hope, let's cherish is!!"
Indeed the countries in Former Yugoslavia have hardly no relation with the EU, since EU treats them often as dumb chhildren. Meanwhile there is hardly no chance to join the EU in the near future. I heard of the first official talks on Cyprus on this issue, speaking about 2015 as optional date. For the tired and unlucky people of former Yugoslavia it means they must wait wait another generation before we get any chance to get rid of the maffia types that rule the country since somany years. And I do not know about you, but for me... waiting is a bad talent.
The country only got out of a straight jacket of 10, 12 years. It has seen it's ex president being send to another county to be on trail for what it did to people in this country. A unique historical moment that will have it's precedent. With the killing of Prime minister Djindjic last spring, a lot of optimism is killed. The good side of the government can be blackmailed by the international community, the bad side can only be corrupted or blackmailed by mobsters.
We arrived in the beginning of the summer holidays, a good excuse for most of the people to say sorry and goodbye. We suffered the next rain strom (while Europe is suffering from extreme heat) and missed a great concert because of that. In Petrovaradinski Tvrdjava in Novi Sad we missed almost all our partners except for Milan of KulturaNova, who was only leaving that evening. Our best mates in Belgrade were just getting their first child (congratulation!!!s) and we find nobody else home. Nobody? That is not completely correct. In Izba, Novi Sad they worked their butt off to get 'this crazy Dutch inspiration event' organized and they did fine. Thanks to these brothers (and action sister) we left the country happy and understood, with the desire to return outside the holiday season. We will still meet Cross radio and Studio B to show more truth about this country.

Not much later, only in october we passed Serbia again, but very briefly on our journey with a cycler who went to the borders of Iraq.

[that was 2004]
Meanwhile we have visited Serbia several time on our way to Turkey or Macedonia. We had spendid time in Novi Sad and had a nice time in Cacak, for example. we are preparing a Serbian selection of 80 artist sas part of a complete Balkan selection. But it is to be seen how fast things go.

[this was 2014]

Some impressions


Name : Tvrdjava, Novi Sad
Objectives : create a new selection of Serbian artists
related websites: Serbian selection
kilometer : 125000


Name : Echo festival
Objectives : concert and power of music
related websites: festival site
kilometer : 4143

In relation with 80 questions : Music


Name : Cacak
Objectives : pick up paintings
related websites: Serbian selection
kilometer : 124400


Name : Jamaican Jukebox
Objectives : music
contact : jamaican jukebox @ hotmail
related websites: see Google
Kilometer : 4140

In relation with 80 questions : Eindhoven connection


Name : IZBA
Objectives : non-commercial art exposure
contact :
related websites: IZBA
kilometer : 4331

In relation with 80 questions : exhibition and concert


Name : IN Radio
Objectives : The enjoyment of listening
related websites : IN Radio
kilometer : 4146

relation with 80 Questions : world music show

Name : Studio Bob
Objectives : Enjoy as much as possible
contact : Bob at Petrovaradinska tvrdjava, "Studio Bob", 21000 Novi Sad Tel: + 381 21 434608
related websites :
kilometer : 4140

Relation with 80 Questions : European integration & future happenings

Name : Serb Bosnian border
Objectives : guide Rob through the Balkans
contact : Peace Office Eindhoven
Related site: To the border of Iraq:
kilometer :

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