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22. Georgia

Georgia, country of singing mountains.

For years it was my desire to visit Georgia. Not for any special reason besides the mountians and the singing. Maybe that is special enough. It took a long time. Back in the old days friends of my tried to organize a cultural exchange between Gergia and my city, and I was deeply disappointed when it did not take place. Several times it might have been an option to go there. But the place seems to be too small to have it as destination. Now, after visiting ones, I know this was wrong. With the support of the Royal Dutch Embassy (the first lady of the country is Dutch) we got in touch with the National Art Academy in Tbilisi. This academy was one of the three academies in the USSR, teaching the classical art education. I have always admired the Russian-Soviet worthship for classical education and it has brought up many great artists. In the western world it might be the opinion this art is not innovative enough, but in my opinion the modern art in the west is not skillfull enough. And here, in this small country that has always been part of a greater empire (read being occupied), in this country that has preserved it´s unique language and script, it´s traditions and culture, we meet modern people, progressive artists with knowledge about classical elements and have ancient skills.
We had a three days presentation and had many many students being involved. Meanwhile we have seen also the staff being strongly involved. In countries like Goergia, where transition is still going on and where modernity already has entered and where the state faces goepolitical threats, usually there is a gap between the generations. During our project we have seen that this gap can be made smaller. It needs much more input from all sides in order to continue the relation between the generations, while giving way to the modern times as well. it brought us )the National Art Academy and the Foundation 80 Questions) to th epoint that we said± let´s try to make a Georgian selection of Show Your Hope. And that is what we will do.
We´ve spend some more time off course. Wondering the city, drove from rural south through the capitol to the lower east. BUt we have met mainly friendly people (it helps when you speak Russian), being open to stangers. For a country that is mainly consist of mountains, that is quite unique.

So see some impressions and expect new information about this lovely country. But what to expect... when the mountains are big and the singing is like this, it must be excellent, my subjective mind tells me.

You can also find a link in 2014 of an nice intervieuw for Georgian Dream Studio television.



Name : Tbilisi
Objectives : Demonstration agains election result

kilometer :

During our visit there wewre ongoing demonstrations agains the election results of the Georgian parlemantairy elections which was held in december 2007. The atmosphere however was quite relaxed, dspite the strong political instability in the other side of the country.

Name : Georgian Dream Studio
Objectives : interview about the Mobile Global Exhibition
At the International Artcolony and symposium in Hurgada, Egypt.

Name : National Art Academy
Objectives : Presentation of the Mobile Global Exhibition


At the national Art Academy we had a major exhibition and presnetation. Many students were completely surprised by the storytelling element. very good responce from them and from the staff. With thanks to the Dutch Royal Embassy that had established the contacts.

Name : Gubaz Teoverdatze
Objectives : adding a painting

GUbaz is one of those young artists having classical education at this academy. He´s young, euger, talented and shy. He made a painting about the relation between god and future.

Name : The Antique Room
Objectives : try to peserve
kilometer :

The ARt Academy is placed in a building that is partly very old. It is leaking and detoriating. This is the antique Oriental room. Very beautifull.Construction companies want to build a new building. BUt it is decided this antique building must be preserved. Another major task for it´s director.

Name : storage
Objectives : being surprized
kilometer :

At this moment many paintings of previous students are soraged. Not a perfect solution for such a great work.

Name: .....
Objectives : lessons in traditional singing
Kilometer :

In the room where we had exhibition Mr. .... was giving singinglessons. Georgia is one of the most famous countries if it is traditional polyphonic singing concerned. We had a brilliant time.

Name : Specialnatz
Objectives : Security

kilometer :

Georgia is full of war veterans. Taht is because Georgian had a strong place in the USSR army. NOw they get a small pension and work as security. Being together with soldiers to me is a special situation, as peace guardian. However, mutual respect makes us feel very close. [Special time, special people, very good people, great heart.

Name : Mr. Bazgadze director of the Art Academy
Objectives : having a day off
kilometer :

Mr. Bazgadze took us out of town, to an ancient church and to a magnificent restaurant where we eat things we have never eaten before. At this moment i forget the name, but the taste will always remembered. That´s why this picture.