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The Selections

The international exhibition, 2003-2008
The World in Netherlands, 2004-2005
The World at Home, 2006
The World in Amsterdam, 2007
The World in Rotterdam, 2007
The World in Hague, 2007
The World in India, 2008
Hope for Childlabourers, 2010
The World in Berlin, 2010-2011
The World in Slovenia, 2011-2012
The World in Balkans 2003-2015 [selection under construction]

Grand Openings

Every new geographical selection is completed by Grand Opening exhibitions and sometimes with preview presentations. So far we have made 10 selections with 9 Grand Opening events:

World in Netherlands
World at Home
World in Amsterdam
World in Rotterdam
World in The Hague
World in India

Hope for Childlaborours
The World in Berlin
The World in Slovenia

The world in Macedonia

Open Air Exhibitions and stortytelling performances

The open air presentation is the most popular act of the mobile global exhibition Show Your Hope.
It performs ongoing program at large festivals like Mundial in Tilburg, Parkpop in The Hague, Sziget in Budapest (picture) or at Terschelling during Oerol festival. All together almost 100 such an exhibitions took place.
During these presentations we have received tens of thousends of ballot cards with a number of the most favorite painting of story. You can see results at our election results site [here]

School activities

Often we use our exhibition at schools. We present a wide 'art experience' and teach the variety of perceptions. This presentation is flexibel and can be adjusted to existing school program. Up to 6 classes per day can be invited.
Also readings took place at art academies and workshops took place with younger kids.
Education activities took places on 35 schools in Eindhoven, Tilburg, Utrecht, Amsterdam but also in India (picture), Turkey, Rumenia, Slovenia, Georgia, Bosnia Hercegovina and Albania.

the best group is pupils from 12 till 18 years

We have information about or educational activities [in Dutch] only (sorry!)

Exhibitions at museums and art institutes

Sometimes we present at museum or art institutes. In these situations there is more focus on the exhibition and less on the storytelling performance.
For example in Podium Mozaiek in Amsterdam or the Royal Theatre in The Hague. Museum exhibitions took place in Constantsa, Teheran (picture), Amritsar, Chandigarh and at the Eindhoven Cleavage Museum. This last location is a sort of public storage of the mobile global exhibition Show Your Hope.


The van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven supports us with materials, contacts and moral support.

Spontaneous street exhibitions

When the moment is right, we present on the streets. Often we need translators, often we do not. These street presentations have most spontaneous concequences.
They appeared in Berlin and Belgrade, in Iran (picture) and Bosnia, in Netherlands, in India, Bulgaria and actually anywhere where the moment is right.
We have met people on the streets in Pune, India, who have seen our museum exhibition in Teheran three month earlier.

Exhibition in your house [Kunstuitleen]

Only possible in Netherlands (sorry)

Since 2009 we offer the possibility to create an exhibition in your house for a particular period.
The exhibition will contain 7 paintings plus a digital frame with stories of the selected paintings.

--> see link expo at home

Special events

Regularly we are asked for special projects or presentations at special locations. For example at Via Ventosa in TAC, Dutch Design Week (picture), Pecha Kucha, Remonstrantse kerk, by van Abbe stichting at their yearparty, at houses for elderly, but also at receptions or seminars.
Finally we made a program for companies related to the community sense of the employees.

there is a link to an archieve of special events [here]

Media presentations

In order to stay in touch with the large audience we often use media presentations. This can be interviews, but also it can be small presentations with 3 paintings, or small documentaties about our project, made by TV stations.
Our desire: to make a radioprogram about paintings.

see our press site
Nautanki in India, about Budapest
our YouTube site