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24. Iran


Iran, isolated and open

As we all know there is a strong media opinion about Iran. Since the islamic revolution we have heard the most radical stories about this country. Telling people back home you´re going to Iran most will stare at you with doubt in their eyes. Since long we know we are going to travel around the world and Iran is a hub you can not miss. So for long time we have asked people about the countries we will meet. and seriously, all of them mentioned that Iran was the best country to pass on the way to India. I will place myself in this long list of people that will give you this advise.
Indeed Iran is a strong state. But we just came from Azerbeidjan... That means for example you do not meet local corrupt officers or policemen. It is highly respectfull. If you respect them you can be sure you will be treated with respect as well.
On political level, Iran is in a very particular situation, being isolated and threatened. personaly I do not believe in a religious state, since modern times bring too much complications to the often ancient religious points of view. But sayiong this I think we must realize that western states believe in the ´free market´ on a way that is close to religious believes. In other words, a state needs an commen ground. Therefor in my opinion it does not make any sense to judge states on their moral conviction. It is more relevant to judge states on their behavious, both nationally as individually. From this point of view Iran is a great country, beautifull, friendly, well educated and well mannered. If this country is going to be be bombed because of it´s right to selfdetermionation, we might as well bomb the complete planet and start all over again.

Traveling in Iran is easy and pleasant, however in the south part (Baluchistan) police escort was required. Aslo here the formalities were friendly and rather swift. The highways are great, the petrol is seiously cheap but restricted. This is specially because the cities suffer from air polution. Driving in Teheran though is a unique experience. We ahev been wondering about this way of driving, using every inch of the streets. BUt the reply of our host was simple and effective: `we respect each other, otherwise there will be accidents`.
Iranian artists and students have strong international contacts and are very much aware of the outside world. I guess the power of the state forces the people to be nuanced, creative and eager.
Compare that to the west where the state support people to be selfish and ignorant.

See some impressions




Name : ....
Objectives : transit and teeth

kilometer :

Iran no fun? Hell it is. This were things we saw on our way from the north border to Teheran, a dentist advertising his location.

Name : House of Iranian Artists
Objectives : exhibition of Show Your Hope

Two days exhibition plus storytelling performances gave a massive impression to the large audience. Audience that is well educated, asks strong questions and percieved the exhibition as most welcome.

Link : House of Iranian artists

Name : Yazd
Objectives : spontanious street exhibition

With the kind support of the Silk Road Hotel, we have exhibited on a small square near to the old center of the ancient city of Yazd. Starting with a presentation for international visitors, we ended up with local youth. Unique presentation, positive and enlightning.

Link± The Silk Road Hotel

Name : Hokay Hey
Objectives : new painting for the mobile global exhibition

Kiometer :

6 month before we ever got to Iran an friend of us, the director of Aida Netherlands, went to Iran. he took an empty panel with him and now we had to go and pick it up. this painting has seven layers and needs to be seen from very nearby. Hokay Hey meens± it is a good day to die. we made the title together with the author.

Link: Aida Netherlands

Name : Teheran
Objectives : driving around
kilometer :

Teheran is the capitol of a country where a unique revolution took place. Alththough Iran is a very strong state, it is threatened by other power. The war with Iraq, The American statement that Iran is part of the axis of Evil, the Israeli threats to bomb Irans infrastructure... The city shows many great wallpaintings. Some religios, some honoring hero´s and others are simple and straigh as this one.


Name: Nadar Tabasian
Objectives : we were looking for music
Kilometer :

While we were looking for music we got on dvd with an adres. We contacted this adres and made an appointment. We meet this very nice and gentle man Nadar, even more sympathetic as most Iranians, who gave us a selection of his publications. Unfortunately he was busy most of the time and when he visited the exhibition, we were busy.But the music still sound great and the future is ours. On the foreground our host and caretaker, Mr Massoud


Name : Akbar Guesthouse, Bam
Objectives : have a rest

kilometer :

Bam is a destroyed city, due to a devastating earthquake 4 years ago. Mr. Akbar hardly survived but los relatives. he started again his guesthouse although much less tourists visit the place because the ancient center is gone.


Name : Massoud Shoija Tabatabai
Objectives : our host and caretaker

kilometer :

Visiting Iran, specially when having an official exhibition means you have a host that is responsible for you. Not only social of phizically but also politically. Mr. MAssoud tok extremely good care of this job and we respect him for that. Although our exhibition might be politically related, it is created to open dialogue. respect is the first item we meet when doing this job. In Teheran in means you are in the hands of your host. Given the fact that Iran is also an extremely hospitable nation, we had nothing to worry about. friend forever.

link: Iran Cartoon