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3. Hungary


Center of revival

We were looking for the relation between folk music and modern music and then we got interested in the folk revival currently going on in Eustern Europe. So we went to Hungary. In the country of Bela Bartok and Marty Sabastian folkmusic started it's newest revival, spreading out over eastern Europe. Normaly in folk tradition the new summer or the new spring is celebrated, making a revival of each year. In Hungary, close to West European borders and standards and new member of the European Union, the influences of Western culture is big. Therefor the revival as now appearing in Hungary is not just a folk revival, but a modern revival related to modern questions, using folk music.
Hungarians, as most East European nations, face a rapid detoriation of their culture. While all people grew up in a community bordered by brothernations. Now, with the introduction of capitalism, egoism became a major influence. The reaction to this is the interest for folk music and culture, which is enourmous rich in these areas of Europe. But this interest is, as mentioned, not old fashioned. The revival gives people the opportunity to reflect their current situation with the previous situation. Now in Hungary films are made similar to the undergroundfilms from New York. Vagabond. They only difference is that folk music is the key instead of Hip Hop of Punkrock.

To give some other insights in Hungary at the very moment: Budapest is full of great music events. On the day we were there, Troitsa played in the third hall of Budapest (Petofi Csarnok in the park of Budapest), while King Crimson was playing in the first and Lou Reed in the second large hall. Pepsi Sziget became the largest and most interesting music festival in eastern Europe and beyond. 1 Fourteen stages will bring hundreds of artists for a week long.
Driving Hungary is a pain in the ass. The amount you pay for the highway is bizar. In our case, using a truck, we need a vignet for one road and pay toll on the other, we have spend over 90 euro. All other roads are stuffed with Hungarians who can not afford to take the highway. Hungary, on the other hand, burocraticaly, is the best pupil in the class of the new countries, similar maybe with Holland try to be the best member in the class of the old EU nations. Regulations are endless, burocracy is enourmous, costs are absurd and inflation is rising. To transfer some instruments through the country endless papers are required. Flexibility is unknown. The attitude is one of high self esteem and low intensity to use the intelligence on which the self esteem is based. All together Hungary is like its language, pretty complicated.

The information about Hungary is to be completed. Some places...


Name : Kalaka festival
Objectives : Worldmusic
contact :
related websites: biomusic
kilometer : 3505

In relation with 80 questions : 80Q was special guest.

additional: Kalaka is a music group existing over 25 years, who have set up this festival long time ago. They also run a Kalaka related music store in the center of Budapest (see picture)


Name : Miklos Grandpierre Kolozsvari
Objectives : Painting
contact : Miklos through a friend
related websites: our painters gallery
kilometer : 3750

In relation with 80 questions : Global Mobile Exhibition


Name : culture in Budapest
Objectives : get the picture
contact :
related websites:
kilometer : 3324

In relation with 80 questions :


Name : Guus Veldhuis
Objectives : Guide in Hungary
contact : Guus
related websites : Guus
kilometer : 3506

relation with 80 Questions : Guus is a highly known person in Eindhoven, you can meet at many cultural manifestations.

Name : Troitsa
Objectives : concerts at Kalaka and Pepsi Sziget
contact : Yuri Dzmitriev
related websites : Troitsa
kilometer : 3804

Relation with 80 Questions : Troitsa is one of the groups traveling with 80Q. They are from Minsk, another town with Eindhoven connections.

Name : Sziget
Objectives : Sziget

related websites : Euro 2007 report
kilometer : check this

with the Hungaro-Brasilian drumband and with 40 to 75.000 other people we have enjoyed the Sziget festival and did very much presentations.