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1. Poland


Charming Hospitality

The first country we visited more then just transit is Poland. Once a great European power, but probably therefor also mangled between bigger powers in the years thereafter. Now I see Polish people work very hard in western Europe.
It took me 10 years before I found out what is the charme of these people and in fact, as member of society of slow progress, I consider this as a compliment .Because charme there is, in form of hospitality in many forms. To please ones host ain't always that easy. Therefor a traveler will appriciate hospitality that comes gently and unforced, that spreads a flood of humbleness and innocence, that is remarkably up to date and busy finding out. By people with also a western attitude; they are always in a rush. Enough space to do what is to be done.

We arrive in Warzawa to pick up musicians of Troitsa that will travel with us. At the trainstation we see the first Dutch influences; a bank company is reconstructing the center, building office buildings. I can not surpress the idea that Holland is full of empty officebuildings and while having European integration in mind, I truely hope this does not mean exporting failure proven mass construction projects to these 'new European states'. Eindhoven , for example has up to 30% officebuildings empty) If there is EU subsidized money to make this kind of activity profitable, the Polish have one more reason to reconsider if they would like to join the Union. Because polish people are very busy finding out what's going on.

What do the Polish people think about the European integration? At first, almost all people said, the recent referendum was a non choice. "As if we could decide not to be part of Europe?" Some mentioned that Polish are forgetting there history, just copying western modernism and creating a virtual facade. Wojtiech, our great and funny and gentle host in Poland, mentioned that if Polish people would like to get to know their history, they just have to travel to Belarus, once Polish territory, now a place where time seems to stand still. Our Belarus guests did not catch this remark.
Nevertheless. many people mentioned that because of this time gap that is existing kore and more between people, folk music could make some kind of revival. Our question: how is the current folk revival in East Europe relates to the conteporary social and political changes in these countries?

But Polish people, although hardly able to spend some time with you (because of the rush), are most friendly and hospitable. We have recieved meals, accommodation and even fee for concerts we have never asked for. The bus driver is sorry because I can not buy a ticket in the bus, but offers me to take the one in the dustbin just behind his seat. It turnes out to be a expired month ticked for disabled people, but he smiles at me and nodds; 'there you have your ticked, bon voyage'.

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Name : Center Pomocnje Spolecznej
Objectives : therapy,reintegration and social help
contact : Ulica Baranowicka 203
related websites: Stedenband Eindhoven Bialystok
Kilometer : 1992
In relation with 80 questions : City Connection


Name : Agniewska Malut
Objectives : Show Hope
contact & related websites : Nike
Kilometer : 1992
In relation with 80 questions : Mobile Global Exhibition


Name : Polish Radio Bialystok
Objectives : Interview & worldmusic
contact : Miss Anka Pankovic
related websites: Bis,
nasz adres:
telefon: (22) 645 95 95.
related website : Radio Bialystok
contact : Jan Smyk
kilometer : 2001 & 2215

In relation with 80 questions : worldmusic and promotion

Name : Wraclaw
Objectives : Eindhoven memory
contact : Halina Witek
related websites : Theater het Klein
kilometer : 1559

In relation with 80 questions : stadgenoten

Name : Ethnosfera, Skiernawice, Poland
Objectives : worldmusic
contact : Ryszard Krasnodebski
related websites : on our site or through their site
kilometer : 1710

In relation with 80 questions : worldmusic