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12. Croatia


Never ment to be as transit

Croatia never ment to be a transit place, if you see the shape of the country, like a horse shoe, it is hard to imagine Croatia as a transit contry. Nevertheless we have used is like that twice now. Together with the information we know about this place and the Croatian people we have met around, just enough to write some things about this strange country. Independent for the second time in their history (first time was during the nazi regime) after a terrible civil war situation with brothernation Serbia, Croatia faced a long period of stagnation. The former president Tudjman ruled with moralism, frustration and a small groups of friends. During these years most of the privatization took place. The complete industry and mainly the infrastructure for the tourist industry was sold for some peanuts to Tudjman friends and relatives. We see this kind of corruption everywhere but in Croatia the results were long lasting; those who own the hotels and tourist infrastructure had no idea how to run it. The result was even more years of stagnation. Only with the election of Stipe Mesic as president, Croatia opened up a little and could start some selfreflection and selfcritisism. Mesic was one of the last presidents of the old Yugoslav federation and turned out to be the first new visionair politician in the Balkans. He actually the only one who survived.
So Croatia opened up, tourists return, musicians and artists started to play mor eindependent, youth clubs and art organizations started to grow, the influence of yunger people became bigger, even the satire magazine Feral Tribune became a little more relaxed.
So used by us a s transit place because every time we changed the dates and missed the guys we would so much like to work with. See some pictures below of friends and contacts we have met and will meet again anytime we pass Croatia.

See also some impressions in 2012/2013 when we visited Croatia on our way to Macedonia and Bosnia.


Name : Kontact festival
Objectives : exhibition
related websites: festival site
kilometer :

In relation with 80 questions : mobile global exhibition

Whily passing Sisak we met these very nice guys who were unstoppable, like us. A few hours later we had this great exhibition and a lot of fun in a nice town that tries to remember what is nice. Smart asses for good reasons.

Name : Dutch Embassy in Zagreb
Objectives : say hello

kilometer :

In relation with 80 questions : On our journey we often visit Dutch representatives. We do this on order to get travel information, information about lacal media and in general we like to inform them about our activities. Mister Klarenbeek was very helpful to us. On the balcony on of the security guards of the embassy.

See website bike ride to the border of Iraq

Name : Lekenik
Objectives : old houses
kilometer :

In relation with 80 questions : the horse is watching with us. He likes old houses.


Name : Okucani
Objectives : reconstruction
kilometer :

relation with 80 Questions : On our way with the cycler to the border of Iraq, these were on of the first destruction sites he saw. here they have finally started reconstruction, after almost a decade of stagnation.

Name : Jucerni list
Objectives : picture in the papers
related websites :
kilometer :

Relation with 80 Questions : get media attention

Name : Momjan
Objectives : Vizura Aperta Festival
kilometer : 2011

One of more presentations we did in Croatia throughout the years.

Name : Labin Art Express
Objectives : Underground city
date: september 2012

Meanwhile we visited the Istrian town of Labin with 6de Kolonne in 2012 and presented in the city center kiosk.