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9. Luxembourg


The Valley of Thirst

You can not just come by, ask some people on the street for a painter to invite them to participate at the mobile global exhibition and leave the country within 12 hours being completely satisfied. Except maybe in Luxemburg. I happen to find the valley of Thirst, met nice guys at the Rock cafe Rox who were dealing with their hangover and while doing so, I found this great painter Emile Bartz. Nice man, carefull enough not to be fooled, open enough not to miss the sparkel, funny enough to enjoy, intelligent enough to comprehend the flood of information we gave him in this short period. A painters who likes to see the city by night, sweet and soft and poetical. We have just invited him and we will come back to this place during our journeys and give you a more serious report. I mean... Although the country is small, it's bigger then just the valley of thirst.



Name : Luxemburg city
Objectives : make a living

kilometer : 8471

In relation with 80 questions : mini expedition


Name : Pont Adolphe
Objectives :
related websites: none
kilometer : 8472

In relation with 80 questions : none

It is said this is the most popular brigde for suicide in Luxemburg. That popular it recieved a place on the top 10 places around the world. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Name : 30 films around the world
Objectives : Filmfestival
related websites:
kilometer : 8473

In relation with 80 questions : none


Name : Emile Bartz
Objectives : invite a painter
related websites : SHOW YOUR HOPE
kilometer : 23335

relation with 80 Questions : Emile we found in the valley of thirst. We had an exornanary surprizing meeting and although we met several times now, unfortunalety we have not had the time to get to know each other better. Still both meetings took us quite much longer as expected.

Name : Rack Cafe ROX
Objectives : music
related websites : MMM
kilometer : 8476

Relation with 80 Questions : information and drinks




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