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17. Netherlands


To the limits of idiocy
"Life is like a refridgerator', my friend sung some time ago. And it was followed by 'l take the restaurant, you take the donuts'. It seems not to matter that much, but the more it does. To write a country report about the country where we have our home basis is quite hard. Specially in these time of life. It's 2003 and 2004. Holland was in the news quite often. And the news is usualy only bad news. When the politician got killed 2 years ago, many people thought things would change. And they did. But not in the way pople expected. There was a burocrcy in between and the ultimate urge to talk about it. Meanwhile security and safety, in all forms and matters became priority. Besides earning money of course.
It seems like thing became like state capitalism.
Then a filmmaker got killed and with him the free speech, as said by the media. But his free speech was insulting most of the time, rude, provokative and therefor pretty useless. Doesn't mean you can kill him of course, but people get killed everywhere. Racism became normal, schools burned down, hundreds of 'incidents' took place. Still Holland is not yet aware of the actual situation.
During this period in Netherlands we have met over 80 painters most of them from abroad. Many of them speak about the lack of selfknowledge, lack of time, relaxation became something elementairy, and therefor not relaxing anymore, like an addiction.
During this last years over 80.000 people got fired, but will loose their jobs only the upcoming year. Ticking time bomb.
Untill this flood in Asia and everybody come to tell they have spend money. A perfect reason to ignore the fact that the government is spending more to war then to real natural disaster. So we ended the year with a beer and forsee good things. It will be the year of desicions and presentations, opportunities and complications.
But there was more in Holland. We have seen festivals like Virus and Globalisation festival, Ruigoord, Solidarity Festival with Rwanda, Liberation Festival, Let's Meet Africa, Queensday and Mundial festival, Parkpop (the biggest free festival in Europe), Oerol and many many others. We have had demonstrations, meetings, presentations and manifestiations. We have made the preparations of a permanent establishment of the project 80 questions around the world.
[this was 2005]

Meanwhile we met many friends, many many people at many different locations when we made a selection in te three major Dutch cities Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague.
Soon after we had to save our accommodation and therefor also spend time making a selection of 80 artists in our Hometown Eindhoven and presented all around the region. We have performed at major music and theater festivals and locations like Oerol, Buitenkans, Parkpop, Mundial Festival, Dunya festival, Podium Mozaiek and at countless schools and unexpected locations.
[that was between 2006 and 2010]
With saving the house we had the opportunity to open our office and house for the audience and that took a while. A small project at home always is many times bigger then a small project around the continent. Major public events like Glow, Hallo Cultuur, fete de la Musique and Doe de Dommel take place and thousends of people visited the house. Also a bed & paintings, as variant on the traditional Bed & Breakfast, many people spend a night in the museum. You can see our little museum at
[that is now, 2014]

See some impressions.

Name : Daf Factory
Objectives : make pictures
kilometer : 71

In relation with 80 questions : our truck is a DAF 1800, which is build in our town. There is a DAF museum and here we are in front of the gate of the truckfactory. Now owned by and American company called Paccar.

Name : Virus, Eindhoven
Objectives : Painter exhibition experiment
kilometer : 34482

In relation with 80 questions : we just tried to show the painters exhibition for the first time. It was a fantastic succes and we will continue to make it this good.

related website : Virus, Bart van Overbeke (pictures)


Name : Show Your Future
Objectives : teach people the joy for art
kilometer : ongoing

relation with 80 Questions : education.


Name : Stadhuisplein Eindhoven
Objectives : demonstrate
kilometer : 34467

While many of us do good jobs for little money, mostly in non commercial sector, all of us will be fired in order to save money. After enough political blah blah, the costs to fire us, destroy organizations we work for and find us a new job (all state organized and privatized), will be similar. The jobs will be gone. 600 in our town, more then 35.000 nationwide. How can we be a good example and inspiration for other countries, if we destroy the social policies we have build up?

Name : Global Conference on Child Labour
Objectives : awareness
kilometer : 80.000

As result of our Indian journey we were invited to present at the Global Child Labour Conference in The Hague.
In fact we hade a special selection for thie event. Click for link


Name : Inkijkmuseum
Objectives : Public storage of the mobile global exhibition
kilometer : ongoing

Relation with 80 Questions : the relaxation station of the project

related website: Inkijkmuseum

Name : Ruigoord
Objectives : Starting a holiday
kilometer : 36891

Relation with 80 Questions : Making a round through Netherlands and Germany, we started with a festial in the oldest free zone of the low lands. The place where the moon is cherished as the planet.

related websites ; Ruigoord

Name : the ghost of 2B
Objectives : remember the good side
kilometer : 34462

The ghost of 2B is hanging around every first of May, in order to remeber the good things of the past. Nostalgy is not only a desire, but also aa modern form of respect the the past. It is an element of our social study. How does past relate to future. In other words, how does relate now to our desires and whishes?
Just a questions to consider.

Name : Grand Openings in Randstad
Objectives : National presentation
kilometer : check this

After we have traveled quite some, the people in our homecity Endhoven were not aware of what was going on. So we made a local selection and changed that situation. Meanwhile the center of the country was not too much intereted anymore; why look at some provincial artists? So we made a national selection in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Hague. see for yourself

Link: World in Randstad