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7. Slovenia


Traveller on his way, feeling home

For just a small period we visited this small country, a country were we personally have a great history. In Slovenia the cultural exchange program of Foundation Zesde Kolonne started and the results are still visible. All Slovene cooperators of that time (we speak about 1990 over 13 years ago) are still working more or less closely together. A few years after this boost Metelkova was squatted, the first squat in Former Yugoslavia. Coincidently I was in Ljubljana, the capitol of Slovenia, that day. We were visiting a theatre in town when all of a sudden, during the break, somebody came on the stage with a nervous and exited announcement Metelkova will be squated that night. That announcement made hell break loose and people didn't stop talking much to much untill I left town about 5 days later.

Metelkova is a special place. It's used to be a kazerne of the Yugoslav People's Army (JNA). It was the place were some journalists were kept in custody before Slovenia gained it's independence because of writing subversive articles suggesting JNA preparing for staging a coup against seperating republics. One of these journalists was called Janus Jansa of the magazine Mladina. I do not know how, but later he became minister of defence and one of the richest peolpe of Slovenia. When Metelkova was squatted, people wrote a big graffity on the wall saying "Janus Jansa, Come home!".
For quite some time there was a political game between the authorities of the municipality and the national authorities, leaving the artists, who got several confirmations from the local authorities, confused and frustrated. Until that day in September 1993 when the artists decided to take the place. This is where I found my first picture of Tito.
Now I'm talking with Monica Skaberne, one of the initiators of that time. 'European integration??? Better speak about integration of trouble", I could have quoted as hearing her saying it. Slovenia has always been quite introvert although in the same time quite outspoken. "Before we were a little piece in the ass of Yugoslavia, now we are a little piece in the ass of European Union. The problem is, there are more little pieces now", I hear her voice while I write this several days later on the Italian highway. It was this woman who mentioned me the reaction to the frase "C'est la vie mon cherie". She replied swiftly and gentle; "ahhh, c'est la guerre mon cher". half drunk I dwelled the empty and pround streets hearing her saying: "Things could have been different but we first had to change over to capitalism. We all of us, we're telling each other how to do so. and all foreigners told us how to do so. People became extremely egoistic, being busy to become capitalist enough to survive. It slowly killed the art which was so strong in this place, look at the bad design of the festival poster, look how they destroyed the art on the outside wall of this place. Place of shit. I go on holiday to seaside, goodbye." And off she was.
Leaving me some time to meet again all these people in Metelkova and ljubljana. Nice place to be.

Update 2011/2012

Using the contact we have for 25 years now, we have started a complete new selection of 80 artists in Slovenija. Meanwhile we present regularly in this country and in 2011 a grand preview Opening exhibition took place and in 2012 a grand Opening took place.


Name : Metelkova Mesto
Objectives : Free art center
contact : KUD Mreza
Nataša Serec
Masarykova 24,
1000 Ljubljana
Tel.: 434 0345,
Fax: 432 3378
related websites: Metelkova
kilometer : 6684

In relation with 80 questions : Our host

Name : Exhibition
Objectives : show hope

kilometer : 6693

In relation with 80 questions : Mobile Global Exhibition test presentations and relaxationstation during out Balakn and beyond travels.


Name : Radio Student
Objectives : free radio for everyone
contact : Petar Barbaric or David David
Cesta 27. aprila 31
1000 Ljubljana
Tel.: ++ 386-1-24-28-800
related websites: radio student
kilometer : 6688

In relation with 80 questions : Worldmusic show


Name : Exhibition of Strip Core
Objectives : show people
contact : Katra
related websites : Strip Core
kilometer : 6685

relation with 80 Questions : all sides of art

Name : Balkan Selection
Objectives : creat an overall Balkan selection with up to 250 artists
contact :
related websites : Kud France Preseren, Strip Core,
See internal link: World in Balkan

Name : TRN Fest
Objectives : Summer art
related websites : Kud France Preseren

Relation with 80 Questions : preview exhibition at TRNFest 2011
See internal link: World in Balkan

Name : Maribor European capitol 2012
Objectives : Nationwide presentations

As element of the EPK program in Maribor in 2012 we have started to select up to 100 Slovene artists and made introduction presentations in several SLovenen cities like Kamnik, Koper, Velenje, Murska Subota.

related websites : DLUM

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