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We would like to emphasize that no competition is involved, when we ask the audience to cast their vote. We consider the vote as a small moral support for the artists involved. It is used to stimulate interaction at presentations.

The choice of the audience is far most based on seeing the painting and hearing the story that comes along with it.

Only at about half of the exhibitions we have used the option to use voting ballots.

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850 presentations to approximately 16.000 people since 2007 at the Inkijkmuseum in Eindhoven, the public storage of the mobile global exhibition Show Your Hope
[picture by Erik]

Grand openings

Grand Opening Preview
Skopje Se Sekava, MKC, Skopje, Macedonia
26/27 July 2013
169 paintings, 800 visitors, votes: 439

1. Bojan Klancar
2. Armin Misimovic
2. Gwen Stok
2. Koos ten Kate
5. Petra Precelj

Slovenia selection at European Cultural Capitol, Maribor
5th May till 26th of May 2012
DLUM Gallery plus 8 locations in the country
300 paintings, 4000 visitors, 950 votes

Slovene selection:
1. Kaja Avberšek
2. Vladimir Leben
3. Ajda Erznožnik

international selection
1. Isabelle Southwood
2. Nena Sesic-Fiser
2. Angelique Peters
2. Bob van Persie

mobile selection
1. Bob Heiligers
2. Armand Verspeek
3. Lee Young-Sik
3. Nico Ribic


Balkan Selection
26th July till 29th of August 2011
TRNFest - KUD France Preseren
Ljibljana, Slovenia

3 rounds of 95 paintings
35.000 visitors
1778 votes

International Selection
1. Isabelle Southwood
2. Nir Rackotch
3. Gert37
3. Petra von Schmude
5. Rajendra Adawudkar

Home Selection
1. Michel Sehstedt
2. Steven van Calkar
3. Gwen Stok
3. Armand Verspeek
3. Rob Looman

Balkan Selection
1. Aleksander Peca
2. Matej Lavrencic
2. Andrej Pavlic
4. Petra Prezelj
4. Jovan Balov

Berlin Selection
7th till 17th of July 2011
Tacheles - Berlin Mitte

479 paintings in vote
3981 votes out of 10.000 visitors
15 paintings with more then 1% of the votes
Of which three with even 2% of votes

1. Steven van Calcar
2. Rajendra Awahutkar
3. Jovan Balov
4. Roel Hofman
5. Rob Looman
6. Michel Sehstedt
7. Isabelle Southwood
8. Nir Rackotch
8. Bob Heiligers
10. Eva Nordus
10. Helene van Stralen
12. Gijs Pape
13. Nena Fiser
14. Elisabeth Mladenov
15. Gwen Stok

Grand Glow Exhibition
Inkijkmuseum, Eindhoven
November 7 to 15th 2009
278 paintings in vote
2536 votes

6 Paintings with more then 2% of the votes
5 women and one man !!!!

Charo Aymerich
Helene van Stralen
Wava Rustamova
Isabelle Southwood
Bob van Persie
Geeske Harting

See our different selection winners


World NL
World at home
12 %

18 paintings with 1 to 2% of the votes

Robert Poortman
Bob Heiligers
Roel Hofman
Abdul Zigani
Cees LeMair
Bram Hermens
Rob Looman
Francien Krieg
Coccy van Duyn
Rajendra Awadhutkar
Helena Vatanen
Sis Josip
Igor Hofbauer
Dawa Molom
Gwen Stok
Eva Nordus
Beate B
Erik Wijnand

paintings with almost 1% of the votes

Peter Pollach
Irene Bosma
Mark Swinkels
Jack van Hoek
Kees Vlietman
Ian Southwood
Arien Winkel
Marcel Ruijters
Pere Lloubera
Deepak Sonar
John McKellar
Michel Sehstedt
Marjon de Groot
Domien Coppelmans
Michel Jansen
Marte Nso Abomo
Desmond Ingham
Bojana Stankic
Karin van der Vliet
Miklos Grandpierre Kolosvari
Zarko Jakomovski
Rachida Post

Grand Opening 'The World in India'
May 18th 2008
Vaishwik Art Environment, Pune, India
161 paintings in vote
over 3500 votes at 16 locations in 12 cities
Press info
Grand Opening 'The World in India'
November 08-11-2008 until january 10th 2009
InkijkMuseum, Eindhoven, Netherlands
281 paintings, no voting implemented
over 5000 visitor at 9 public days
Press info

Grand Opening 'The World in Den Haag'
November 16-23- 2007
Atrium, The Hague
351 paintings in vote
163 votes (no active voting system)

Grand Opening 'The World in Rotterdam'
November 3-11 2007
LPII at Las Palmas, Rotterdam
373 paintings in vote
376 votes

Grand Opening 'The World in Amsterdam'
October 5-14 2007
NDSM, Amsterdam
374 paintings in vote
985 votes

1. Bob van Persie
only very slightly ahead of
2. Isabelle Southwood

honorable to mention:
Gwen Stok
Rob Looman
Koos ten Kate
Michel Sehstedt
Wawa Rustamova
Pere Lloubera
Bojana Stankic

Part of the exhibition in Amsterdam

Grand opening 'The World at Home''
September 19 - October 1st 2006
TAC Eindhoven
94 paintings, 227 other works of participating artists
no voting proces implemented

Preview opening 'The World at Home"
01 & 02 April 2006
Penisula Gallery
77 paintings in vote (world at home only)
187 votes

1. 11% of votes, Bob Heiligers
2. 7.5% of votes, Rob Looman
3. 5% of votes, Marret Jansen

Grand opening 'The World in Netherlands'
5 - 19 March 2005
94 paintings in vote ('The World in Netherlands' only)
503 votes

first round (no more them 1%) 55 paintings
second round (no more then 2%) 25 paintings
third round (almost 5%) 11 paintings
1. 6% of votes Magomed Ialgoumbajev
2. 5% of votes Dawa Huizinga Molom
2. 5 % of votes Wawa Rustamova

Newspaper article

yearly most favorites

Lumturi Blloshmi, 2004
Wawa Rustamova 2005
Bob Heiligers 2006
Isabelle Southwood 2007
N.H. Suresh 2008
Jan Radersma 2009
Clyte Saunders 2010
Lee Young-Sik 2011
Matej Lavencic 2013