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Sold Paintings

Bob Heiligers

Peter Heij

Nanda Smits

Aguilera Horta (sold to painter)

Harry van der Woerd

Bob van Persie

Michel Sehstedt

Kanhandiya Lal

Gorki Bollar

Bruno Filho

Rasim Huseynov

Bojan Klancar

Milan Andov


The participants join the mobile global exhibition due to the idea of the project. However, there are different ways participants feel they contribute best and act most appropriate towards this remarkable project.

Therefor there are several catagories considering the sale of paintings.

A. Paintings that can not be sold.

The panel is specially made for the collection. These paintings only might be sold as a collection. After the journey around the world, at the end of the project, we try to place this collection at a public location.

B. Paintings of artists that could be sold.

These paintings are donated to the initiating foundation, but the artist will not make any new painting for the mobile global exhibition, what ever the reason. These paintings are for sale, but often can be delivered only at the end of the project.
Until then the audience can make an offer. If accepted a 10% payment will required in advance. Final payment will happen at the end of the project. Offers less then 250 euro will not be accepted.

C. Paintings that can be sold.

Paintings of artists who are prepared and have agreed to add a new painting to the mobile global exhibition within a limited period of time. These paintings are for sale right now. The artists have made the price. The minimum prize is 250 euro.

Prizes and availlability of paintings on request only.
Arrangements for sale can be made at the Inkijkmuseum.


Minister Donner offers the painting of Bruno Filho to Elena Rodrigues Lopes, the minister of social affairs of Brasil.


Michel Sehstedt

Jack van Hoek

Abu Bakarr Sidique Kanu

Robert Poortman

Li Koelan

Nir Rackotch