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Foundation '80 Vragen'
Eindhoven, Netherlands

ING Bank Velperweg 45, 6824 MA Arnhem
account number NL36INGB0009428645

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See the prizes, send the money, also send an email to info [at] 80questions [dot] net with the adres where to send the items to. They will be send to you within a week.

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World in Netherlands

- 1 to 10 boxes : 7 euro per box
- 10+ boxes : 5 euro per item
- DVD 55 minutes with all stories : 15 euro
- seperate postcards : 3 cards for 2 euro
- 50 identical postcards: 10 euro

World at Home

- Catalogue with 184 pages : 7 euro
- DVD 57 minutes with all stories and animations : 15 euro
- A2 size poster : 2 euro

Excellent analogue viewmaster with 12 great pictures that show the journey around the world.

Great item as present or gift.

1 piece : 5 euro
2-10 piece: 4 euro

World in Randstad, 2007
65 - 80 artists from the cities Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Hague

- 3 catalogues with 128-144 pages:
per catalogue = 7 euro
(tripthich = 15 euro)
- full color with stories in Dutch and English
- foreword by Hermand Dievendal

World in Berlin, 2011
84 international artists living and working in Berlin

- catalogue with 180 pages:
7 euro
(3 books = 17 euro)
- full color with stories in German and English language
- foreword by Hermand Dievendal and Martin Voorbij

World in Slovenia, 2012
82 in Slovenia living artists

- catalogue with 200 pages:
7 euro
(3 books = 17 euro)
- full color with stories in Slovenian and English language
- foreword by Matjaz Brulc


Show Your Hope in India, 2008
Catalogue with 40 pages full color and B/W plus DVD with pics, press and press articles
15 euro

- In cooperation with Bhaskar Hande and Vaishwik Gallery, Puna.

Show Your Hope for Childlabourers, 2010
16 pages brochure in English, French and Spanish, specially made for the Global Child Conference in The Hague spring 2010.
With 44 specially selected artists from 20 nations
2 euro

- in coorperatio With Peter de Ruiter and Bachpao Bachpan Andolan

Show Your Hope education pakkage, 2011
Bag with classroom workshop program
(see education site for education program offer)

Bag includes postcardbox, DVD, guidelines, hangingsystem and questionaire.

Variable prizes

All prizes are including tax and excluding shipment costs
Shipping costs: 1 item = 3 euro, 2-5 items = 7 euro, 5-25 items = 15 euro, 25+ items = 40 euro

You can order by email. You will receive an invoice when the items are packed for delivery. The items will be send within a week after payment in completed.

Order at:

Foundation '80 Vragen'
P/O Box 2210
5600 CE Eindhoven

Bank account number : 9428645

for foreign payments :
ING. account number NL36INGB0009428645


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Also availlable at:


Selexyz van Pierre, Eindhoven
Boekhandel Spijkerman, Kleine Berg, Eindhoven
Motta, Bergstraat 35, Eindhoven
Vredesburo, Grote Berg 41, Eindhoven
Open Dicht bus, mobile
Inkijkmuseum, Dommelstraat 2a, Eindhoven .


Via Kunst, Karel Doormanstraat 335, Rotterdam
Herenplaats, Schiedamse Vest 56-58, Rotterdam
Worm, Achterhaven 148, Rotterdam
Andijvie, Jan Kruijffstr. 47-B, Rotterdam


Selexyz Scheltema, Koningsplein 20, Amsterdam
Het Fort van Sjakoo, Jodenbreestraat 24, Amsterdam
Antiquariaat Titus Dorsman, Nieuwe Hoogstraat 16, Amsterdam
Pantheon boekhandel, Sint Antoniesbreestraat 132-134, Amsterdam

Den Haag:

Selexyz Verwijs, Passage 39, Den Haag
Paagman, Frederik Hendrik straat 217, Den Haag
Van Stockum, Herengracht 60, Den Haag


Kunstkonzum, Oranienbburgerstrasse 56, Berlin Mitte.


Stanje publishers, Knizara Kamnik i Ljubljana.