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80 questions around the world report 2002-2008



Was a remarkable year. Dispite the outrageous budget cut on art and art education, the Mobile Global Exhibition SHOW YOUR HOPE has been able to continu it's activity: presentation and devellopment.

In fact is was a year not to forget;

New Berlin selection, including catalogue and Grand Opening. Click to enter


A boost in our education program by Kunstbalie

The first introduction presentations in the USA. Read country report

Massive public Art event in our hometown Eindhoven

In memoria: Natali van den Eerenbeemt


Was an interesting year for the mobile global exhibition

- Hope for Childlabourers. Presentation of a new selection. What started with a painting from Kanhandiya Lal ended with a presentenation at the Hgaue Global Conference on Childlabour

- More steady theatre performances. With the new tent our exhibition becomes a happening at large public events.

- Stronger education program, both on location and at our museum. We did many presentations.
-->see exhibition list

- Several Grand Vernissages that take up to 10 weeks, in locations like Podium Mozaiek (Amsterdam) or Academisch Genootschap (Eindhoven)

- A new gimmick, for sale in our shop

- The creation of a new selection in Berlin, to be presented in 2011. A selection of serious people.



In memoria: Michael Foster.
Although we have met so briefly, intensity charme and content had been so present. Thank you Isabel, for continuing the mission. We wish you very much good luck.


the Mobile Global Exhibition SHOW YOUR HOPE in 2009 is going to be great again:

- We have never before attended at any competition. Untill we attended at Buitenkans festival in Enschede. And we won the 4th prize out of 50 competitors of this streettheater festival. click on link te get more info

- cooperation with the theatre agency called HHProductions form Amsterdam.

- little movies at YouTube by ZaPGuZ and 8Q
--> see link


- Super good and extended education program
--> see link

- new artists participating: Several new artists have added their painting to the mobile global exhibition. Check out our participants site for details.

- Specially for the Netherlands we have a new feature: Rent Hope. Read our information site about this unique possibility to present at your own home. link

- excellent grand Glow Exhibition in our local museum with over 2500 votes and even more people, of course.
Click for results

- preparations for new international traveling in USA, Berlin and Former Yugoslavia. Including the implementation of new selectiosn of artists from these countries. To take place in 2009, 2010 and 2011. [your suggestions are welcome]

- A final report report was published about the mobile global exhibition Show Your Hope and it's functioning for the EIndhoven Peace Office from the beginning of the projct in 2001 and summer 2008.

Read our 2002/2008 report [NL versie]

In memoria: Kyra Fooy.
Kyra Fooy was the first to recognize the impact of the mobile global exhibition in 2004. She was the one who was able to make us continue after we had major bad luck in 2005. She was the one who cam eto the idea of The World in Netherlands and she helped us realizing the World in Randstad selection in 2007. A beautiful lady that could recognize the beauty but not handle the uglyness of life. Rest in peace, dear Kyra
In memoria: Dilip Chitre