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Project statement

Amsterdam - Rotterdam - Den Haag

Report of Hague collection and Grand Opening.
November 2007
2750 people
351 paintings

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Hague Artists

Ellen van Toor, Theodora Plas, Koos ten Kate, Clement Zalm, Reinhardt, Pala Salih, Mehdi Arami, Gregory Kohelet, Bhaskar Handé, Joseph Edralin, Ali Rashid, Carin Anderson, Alfred Degens, Siebrand Weitenberg, Itamar Cohn, Frits Frietman, Lies Groeneveld, Jessy Rahman, Fathel Neema, Anat Ratzabi, Rineke Kop, Marlies Adriaanse, Jos van den Heuvel, Victor Ekpuk, Frans Erkelens, Fons Fortman, Mariska Mallee, Tilleke Schwarz, Marian Zult, Geeske Harting, Anja Jager, Marja Jansen, Sis Josip, Tineke Vulto, Kees Koomen, Biek Krijgsman, Francien Krieg, Angelien Peters, Els Knijpinga, Roy James Döhne, Randolph-John Schwidder, Hanny Reneman, Marianne Kaars Sijpesteijn-Bos, Ian Southwood, Isabelle Southwood, Mieke Sampers, Ilja Walraven, Els Maasson, René Haakman, Omar Ahmed, Ruben Monje, Marije Bijl, Frederieke Kolaric, Margriet Westervaarder, Marc Langer, Coccie van Duijn, John McKellar, Judith van Bilderbeek, Roos van der Meijden.



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The Hague selection

The Hague selection is a selection that came together in the beginning of 2007. At first there were some Hague artists participating when we started. These artists were participating in previous selections we have made. But mister Bhaskar Hande, one of them, proposed us to use all posibilities well. He first invited us to India, where we will go next year. He also supported the Hague selection very much.
The Hague selection offers us the possibility to get our visa's in the same time.

See some impresions.

We had a presentation at Atruim. This is the city hall of The Hague. An impressive building with a large amount of audience that comes along to have a look.

link: Atrium

There s a large amount of people that visits Atrium, for different reasons. But we have noticed that even those who have no time, finally got catched by one of the paintings. They get distracted, stop for a moment and see the paintings. Many others sticked around for 30 minutes.

Link: election results

Having not used vehicles but wood to hang the system of velcro raps that will hold the paintings. The complete structure was not too stable, but at the end everything was OK.

Link: our used vehicles
Link: Wiel Wiersma


Two more vehicles were used. The van Abbe Museum gave their truck for this period (thank you very much) and the selection of Eindhoven artists is presented on this truck. In the back yo see the truck of Theaterstraat. here we have presented the selection called 'World in Netherlands'.

Link: Van Abbe Museum
Link: Theaterstraat

Don't know whty there is information about Amsterdam on this Hague site

Here you see a part of the overview of the exhibition, taken from the third floor.

The Atrium in the eventing. The Roll over image hows the situation when it was finished.

Link: Atrium Den Haag