The Mobile Global Exhibition
Project statement

Amsterdam - Rotterdam - Den Haag

Report of Rotterdam collection and Grand Opening.
November 2007
975 people
373 paintings

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Rotterdam artists

Czeto Beaty, Charo Aymerich, Alex Da Silva, Jama Malgash, João Colagem, Samba Thiam, Olivier Beijn, Marcel Ruijters, Hella De Boo, Pim Palsgraaf, Hein Dingemans, Karen van de Vliet, Hélène van Stralen, Gwen Stok, Silas Schletterer, Daniëlle Henger van Rijssen, Robert Rost, Sylvie Overheul, Marc Kolle, Mila Jeleznikova, Jitka Andréa, Reidun Bergan, Hendrik Almekinders, Sharon Yolanda Downey, Jeffrey Dunsbergen, Marek Zamaro, Anuli Croon, Barbara Witteveen, Jozef van Rossum, Peter Hofland, Alex Jacobs, Michiel Jansen, Milan Tilder, Rafael Badilla, Reginald Drooduin, Hester Slingenberg, UBehave met Ras Elijah, Danny Finlay, Kevin Amstelveen en Melusina Gunsam, Bob van Persie, Tejo Vlaanderen, Harry van der Woerd, Zhanhong Liao, Peter Dumas, Victor Snijtsheuvel, Ischa Dassen, Adil Elsanousi, Jos Koekman, Jack Segbars, Ans de Groot, Roel Hofman, Ariën Winkel, Jack Vreeke, Jan Willen van Doorn, Peter Donkers, Marianne van Maaren, Rinus Manschot.



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The Rotterdam selection

The Rotterdam selection is a selection that came together in the beginning of 2007. At first there were some Rotterdam artists participating when we started. These artists were participating in previous selections we have made. This selection gives to possbility to present other cities in similar context.

See some impresions.

Similar with the set up in Amsterdam we have used three vehicles to present the paintings besides the 25 meter wall we have made. Thanks to the welcome support of the venue of LPII again we have been able to create something extra with the shadow

link: LPII

Here you see the van Abbe truck and a part of the Randstad selection.

Link: election results
Link: Van Abbe Museum

We have used the truck of Munne who also made the excellent Neon light. On the background you see the Magic Sun made by Yeron.

Link: our used vehicles
Link: Munne
Link: Yeron
Link: Neon Light


Our truck in the hall of LPII that was polished like Japanese polish their bathroom.

Link: zapguz

In Rotterdam we were supported by the Keereweerom, a mobile poetry and bookshop. Ties, the upcoming man of the Keerweerom bus helped us out and made a very nice friendly entrance.


During our exhibition several readings took place. For example a reading of Joel Mayerowitz, streekprotographer, and a meeting of the Steenbergen Foundation took place. Both events took place under the responsability of the National Photo Museum. LPII is part of a complex where this museum is situated as well

During the exhibition we gave space to a local Rotterdam activity: pre party of Anti Scene. Anti scene is a photto book abot 25 years of Rotterdam underground music. We had and excellent time and very good interaction between the audience of different cultural activities.

Link: AntiScene