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Amsterdam - Rotterdam - Den Haag

Report of Amsterdam collection and Grand Opening.
Oktober 2007
3125 people
374 paintings

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Amsterdam artists

Paul Smulders, René Rikkelman, Franz Bodner, Sam Drukker, Peter Donkersloot, Peter Pontiac, Apostolos Panagopoulos, Senad Alic, Cam Miro, Ali Juma, Mohamed Aziz, Gorki Bollar, Danilo Joanovic, Bruno Filho, Chokri Ben-Amor, Lefteris Olympios, Abousleiman, Masha Trebukova, Blanchefleur Brienesse, Marcelangelo, Moussa Ibrabim, Abu Bakr Sidique Kanu, Tamar Rozenblatt Goiati, Ramaz Goiati, Geordanis Aguilera Horta, Magali Dien, Ramon Jan Vet, Buddista Naleye, Bardita Telaku, Leendert van Driel, Angela van Driel, Eric Knoote, Magda Zimmerman, Martine Mulder, Sam Israël, Sigrid van Essel, Reinder van der Woude, Anke Labrie, Irene Kunst, Maria Uzoni, Peter Heij, Gea Zwart, Armand Verspeek, Arhan Günermengi, Guru Khalsa, Monique Nieberg, Kees Wolfrat, Kees Vlietman, Ron van den Bosch, Michel Sehstedt, Ati Lichtveld, Pere Llobera, Josien Broeren, Narouz Moltzer, SjocoSjon, Bert Osinga, Janneke Tangelder, Eric Wijnand, Richelle van de Kimmenade, Rob van der Schoor, Pieter van Delft, Aras Kareem, Iman Ali Khaled, Silvester Peperkamp, Brigit Hamer, Rosemarijn Dissen, Nena Šešic-Fišer, Annemoon van Steen, Henk van de Zee.



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The Amsterdam selection

The Amsterdam selection is a selection that was compiled in the beginning of 2007. At first there were already 22 Amsterdam artists participating when we started. These artists were participating in previous selections we have made.
But a city selection of Amsterdam might give us a great opportunity to present nationwide, since Amsterdam is still the capitol of Netherlands.

See some impressions.

We had a presentation at the NDSM location. a fabulous place with lots of cultural activity in Amsterdam North. here you see 25 meters of paintings and the 'Sun of Yeron'

link: NDSM

During the10 days of presentation also the Kunststad was opened. Kunststad is a complex of cultural ateliers inside the great hall of the old NDSM shippingyard. Due to the official opening of this location we have had over 3000 visitors. Nice people and good stuff

Link: Kunststad

Having used not only 25 meters of hanging paintings. Also vehicles were used to show the selections we have made in 2004/2006.
Here is our truck with the international selection.

Link: MGE international


Two more vehicles were used. The van Abbe Museum gave their truck for this period (thank you very much) and the selection of Eindhoven artists is presented on this truck. In the back yo see the truck of Theaterstraat. Here we have presented the selection called 'World in Netherlands'.

Link: Van Abbe Museum
Link: Theaterstraat

Here you see a part of the overview of the exhibition, taken from 8 meters high. It was Bart Wiersma who provided us with all the light equipment we needed.

Here you see the result of the voting election system we implemented in order to communicate with the audience. On top you see Bob van Persie and Isabelle Southwood. Both also made the highscore in Rotterdam and Hague. You can see the complete election results on this page under 'funny to know'.
over 2800 people added themselves on our mailingslist during these Grand Openings