The Mobile Global Exhibition
Project statement

Berlin selection

July 2011
83 Berlin paintings
plus 400 other paintings at the Grand Opening
8000 to 10.000 visitors

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Berlin Artists

Elisabeth Mladenov, Andrea Colitti, Askanadi, Nir Rakotch, Juan Arata, Wakilur Rahman, Volker Witte, Vicky Prieto, Salah Saouli, Satoshi Hosni, Erik Lindstrőm, Sabia Khan, Ivan Diaz, Sibylle Weisweiler, Karen Boersma, Bonaventura Soh Bejeng Ndikung, David Benforado, Claudia Estable, Nonowe Akihito, Damien McGuinly, Erika Fortner, Alexandr Rodin, Cormac Graham, Christina Gay, Pablo Hermann, Petra von Schmude, Peter Missing, Grand Hill, Margot Point, Eric Meßloh, Ivar Kaasik, Sam Grigorian, Nicole Richwald, Txus Parras, Valia Carvallho, Nadja Bauer, Jachya Freeth, Kristijan Trummer, Vilson Souza, Resa Mashoodi, Andreas Fishbach, Bernard Föll, Ann Besier, Lee Young-Sik, Jose Urhe, Wu Zhi, Deak Adrienne Agnes, Gerard Waskievitz, L.Eben, Daniel Disabel, Yael Herolds, Adnan Kalkanci, Gogi Gelantia, Zaza Tuschmalishvili, Bruno di Martino, Liz Crossly, Frank Hufner, Ibrahim Ehrari, Nika Bakhia, Lage Opedal, Li Koelan, Alexine Good, Diana Sprenger, Brian von Kuba, Tijana Titin, Maryna Lavrenyuk, Jovan Balov, Eva Moeller, Beret Hamann, Rudi Mentar, Daniem Loboda, Angelo 'K' Laconte, Herman Flint, Manfred Niepel, Gesine Neuman, Martin Reiter, Katrin Plavcak, Lovro Artukovic, Laura Polke, Sora van Thiel and Michael Foster.


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The Berlin selection

The Berlin selection is a selection that came together in 2010/2011. At first there were some artists artists in Tacheless who participated in 2005.

For the best pictures, click here and see the pictures of Fieke van Berkom

Erste Stufe Haifish

Woody and Paul

Tigre Blanco



Rah Avis

We support Arthouse Tacheles and think every vibrant big city needs free space for art development and discovery. There is no such thing as 'High art' if there is no such thing as underground art. The development of society, and therefor also the development of the arts, depends on the new things that comes from the bottom of society. There is no way to respect those on to of the ladder if there is no bottom of the ladder. So, therefor we supported the demonstration for maintainance of Kunsthaus Tacheles, and against devellopment of new hotels by devellopers who have only been able to survive the economical crisis due to the support of communal money.


[Personal note of the initiator]

Although we do want to give absolute freedom to the artists and have the desire to present the input of the artists as neutral as possible, we do use personal touch to get into the mood of our diverse audience. Many painters are even happy with this way of presenting because have talents nor desires to present their work. Logically, they have chosen for an other form of expression; painting.
A painting is never done. Even when the artists decides to stop working on it, then still the proces of the thoughts about the painting did not stop. As where music can make you decide within a few seconds if you like it or not, a painting might force you to reconsider your opinion for years! This proces is the fundament for this selection.
We are aware of the fact that the project Show Your Hope is, at the end, surfing on the surface of the city where we created a new collection, during a particular time. The artists have been introduced upfront in the way the mobile global exhibition functions.
They have implemented the proces we went through. They have shared thoughts, gave comments, and have been struggling or reflecting or responding to this input. It is maybe for that reason the complete Berlin selction became average, in that sense that all elementary forms of hope from all the previous selections are menstioned in this Berlin selection. Meanwhile it is a unique and divers as all other selections. I can only speak out my gratitude to all artists involved. You are a bunch of serious people! You are funny and friendly. You have made it possible!!!!

What should not be untold is the following. The artists, visitors and the atmosphere of Kunsthaus Tacheles have undoubtly stimulated this project, and it's user have welcomed Show Your Hope in Berlin. It gave space and time and enery to explore the rest of Berlin. However, Kunsthaus Tacheles is an infrastructure for artistic activity. The inspiration for this selection was made by Mr. Leendert van Driel. His painting (282, as part of the Amsterdam selection) referred to Anselm Kiefer and the construction-deconstruction rhythm of this city, the most vibrant artistic city in Europe since years now. The contribution of Mr. Leendert van Driel (together with Angela) has been an enourmous support since the beginning of this project. In return, this selection, with that inspiration and with the love for art and the artists.
"Thank y'all", Mia would have said....

Martin Voorbij