The Mobile Global Exhibition
Project statement

Berlin Grand Opening Party Week

July 7th till 17th, 2011
478 paintings

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Berlin Artists

Elisabeth Mladenov, Andrea Colitti, Askanadi, Nir Rakotch, Juan Arata, Wakilur Rahman, Volker Witte, Vicky Prieto, Salah Saouli, Satoshi Hosni, Erik Lindstrőm, Sabia Khan, Ivan Diaz, Sibylle Weisweiler, Karen Boersma, Bonaventura Soh Bejeng Ndikung, David Benforado, Claudia Estable, Nonowe Akihito, Damien McGuinly, Erika Fortner, Alexandr Rodin, Cormac Graham, Christina Gay, Pablo Hermann, Petra von Schmude, Peter Missing, Grand Hill, Margot Point, Eric Meßloh, Ivar Kaasik, Sam Grigorian, Nicole Richwald, Txus Parras, Valia Carvallho, Nadja Bauer, Jachya Freeth, Kristijan Trummer, Vilson Souza, Resa Mashoodi, Andreas Fishbach, Bernard Föll, Ann Besier, Lee Young-Sik, Jose Urhe, Wu Zhi, Deak Adrienne Agnes, Gerard Waskievitz, L.Eben, Daniel Disabel, Yael Herolds, Adnan Kalkanci, Gogi Gelantia, Zaza Tuschmalishvili, Bruno di Martino, Liz Crossly, Frank Hufner, Ibrahim Ehrari, Nika Bakhia, Lage Opedal, Li Koelan, Alexine Good, Diana Sprenger, Brian von Kuba, Tijana Titin, Maryna Lavrenyuk, Jovan Balov, Eva Moeller, Beret Hamann, Rudi Mentar, Daniem Loboda, Angelo 'K' Laconte, Herman Flint, Manfred Niepel, Gesine Neuman, Martin Reiter, Katrin Plavcak, Lovro Artukovic, Laura Polke, Sora van Thiel and Michael Foster.


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The Berlin selection

The Berlin selection is a selection that came together in 2010/2011. At first there were some artists artists in Tacheles who participated in 2004. Later we presented several times and experienced the enourmous amout of interested people on the streets of Berlin. On advise of Martin Reiter we have started inviting international artists in October 2010. The last painting was added in January 2012. But not really. Since our Grand Opening started we have received already a significant number of artists interested in participation in this project. So this Berlin selection might be the first in a row of Berlin selections. Since Berlin is never finished and keeps on develloping, it sounds like a logical devellopment for us as well.



ISBN                                978-90-811136-0-1
Konzept                            Foundation 80 Questions
Texte                                Martin Voorbij
Deutsche Übersetzungen Jack Hopstaken
Vorwort                            Martin Voorbij & Herman Divendal, Aida Netherlands
Umschlag Detail               Michael Foster (mit der freundlichen Genehmigung von                                          Isabelle Foster)
Fotos der Gemälde          René van Beek - Lokin
Fotos der Künstler           Martin Voorbij
Selbstgemachte Fotos     482, 492, 528, 529, 548
Foto Rückumschlag          Bart van Overbeke
Graphischer Entwurf       Jacco van Rooij, M/V United
Desktop Input                   Martin Voorbij
Artist invitations support Andrea Colliti, Michaele Helfrich, Jovan Balov, NeuKölln Import, Peter Wollenweber, Ljilja Predragovic
Druck                              Medium d.o.o. Ljubljana, Slovenia



Special thanks to

Andrea Colliti for his independent support
Michaela Helfrich of Coaching Culture Gallery for the most direct form of support. In so many ways. Ich Liebe Dich. Michaella brought us in contact with many artists and the following can be reacht through her: 495, 541, 542,
Mr. Philips with many names, for his nice support
Martin Reiter for his ongoing action preparedness
Erika Fortner for a massive amount of corrections
Kunsthaus Tacheles for parking and hospitality a la carte blanc
All the people working in Tacheles, for just being straight OK people.
Regina at Village Voice, our livingroom.
Prima Center Wedding
Pecha Kucha Berlin
Eva Hubner & Foerderband for trustfull information
Rüdiger Rossig for information and memories
Martin Steffens for his most practical information.
Peter Bijl, for thinking about me
Munne and the Tripkau connection, for the moment and the future
Türe Zeybek, for showing me how beautiful this is.

All the artists who have participated, considered and supported this project.