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The World in Balkan

The World in Balkan is a program with many artists from former Yugoslavia living in republics of former Yugoslavia and the diaspora. A Balkan selection is some kind of septich (not a triptich with three elements but with 7 elements) and is created to dedicate to the people in former Yugoslavia, who lost a country with great elements.
Boosted by a selection of Slovene artists and to be finished with artists from all countries of former Yugoslavia.

The Balkan selection is now, at the end of 2014, still under construction.
We hope the present the completed Macedonian selection in 2015.

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At MKC, Skopje, Macedonia

Pavarotti Music center, Mostar, Bosnia Hercegovina

At Cafe Berlin in Podgorica, Montenegro

With Freddy Krupa in Karlovac, Croatia

New Born, Prishtina, Kosovo

At European Cultural Capitol Maribor, Slovenia

In Cacak, Serbia


At European Cultural Capitol in DLUM Gallery, Maribor Slovenia