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Grand Opening in 2008:

The World in India


May 18th until June 15th 2008 at the Vaishwik Art Environment, in Pune, Maharastra, India

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Grand Opening

November 8th, 2008 until january 10th 2009
Public days between november 8th and 16th

An exhibition as celebration of the opening of the 'Cleavage Museum', in Dutch called 'Inkijkmuseum'. We picked our openingsday at the start of the cultural night in our city. Almost 20 locations opened their doors at night. This took place during the GLOW festival an international light art event in the center of our city, Eindhoven. About 5000 people visited the smallest museum in Netherlands during the public days. The museum will be the public storage of the mobile global exhibition Show Your Hope. It is our house.

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Vaishwik Art Environment

Pathare A.P, Dilip Chitre, Bhimsen Mahagaonkar, Narendra Pujari, Deepak Sonar, Santosh Shirsat, Lxman Gore, Bhaskar Hande, Sandhya Hande, one more friend and Martin at .


official opening by councler Hans Martin Don