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Show Hope for Childlabourers

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Writing a report about a conference is not easy. Specially if one keeps in mind that I have been there as represent of the artists, who had expressed their thoughts about the subject of child labourers through small paintings. That means I have also not attended at most discussions taking place because I was mainly near the exhibition, informing those who took a little time for art or relaxation.
At the end it must be said that quite a large number of the delegates took some time for the exhibitions and over 175 brochures were handed out personally to these delegates.

But these artists made it clear, as can be seen on the cover of the brochure: the way we have organized ourselves is a burden to the children. It became quite clear about 200 million (!!!) children face forms of child labour that limits them from going to school. The majority of them face the 'worst forms of child labour', accoording to the information at the conference.

And does a conference like this helps? I think so, despite the fact that the burden, as expressed by Dawaa Molom on the cover of the brochure, is not less any bit. But we have created a world community, so in my opinion it is our obligation and responsability to make that world community function as well as possible.
The atmosphere at the conference was quite positive. That is to say.... everybody is aware of the fact we are dealing with a very serious problem, most of the delegates were clear about the fact that the outcome became much too technical and far from practical.
Nevertheless, most delegations came to do something and have set new targets.



So did the conference helped? That is hard to say. The agreement is made and targets are set. It is up to the world community to make sure that at the next meeting the atmosphere will become even better, because we have done even better.

Luckily I have also met an Angy Young Man. A student from London, who came at his own expanses to the conference and openly questioned the use of this all. Without him the complete picture would have been less complete. This young man represented selfcritisism which is, again in my opinion, one of the most valuable aspects of being a human being and speaking about civilization.

Show Your Hope on Child Labour

Besides that, we can mention our exhibition, of course. Set up on the middel of the stairs, it is seen by all participants. It was often used as decoration for interviews. As such it was visible on television on ARD in Germany, at the Dutch Jeugdjournaal and on several interviews of the 'Rijksvoorlichtingsdienst'.


Special attention was there when Queen Beatrix passed, accompanied by Kunsi Komal, one of the kids we have met in India during our visit in Bal Ashram. Kunsi and his guidance Niprendra of the Bachpan Bachpao Andolan organization, appeared at the conference, giving a face to children who do child labour on invitation of Kids Rights. It was a spectacular re-unification between us, them and the painting we have received from them, in that time.

click for Indian report link

Good to mention was the cooperation with Mister Peter de Ruiter. Peter is photographer and compassionate involved in the issue of Child Labour, and responsable for the impressive photo exhibition at the conference and also for our appearance.
Click here for information about the work of Mr. Peter de Ruiter


At the final statements of the conference Mister Ad Melkert, negotiator of the conference, made a passionate plea for ending child labour and gave the word to Minister Donner of the Netherlands. Mister Donner then invited the Brazilian minister of Labour and Social Affairs to organize the next conference in three years from now. Minister Marcia Helena Carvalho Lopes accepted the invitation and was handed over one of the paintings of the mobile global exhibition, as present. Coincidently the officer of the Dutch ministry, who picked the painting, picked a Brazilian artist. This painting is to be visited within the next three years on the ministry in Brasilia. We better hurry.

Made possible with the support of the Dutch ministry of labour and social affairs.

more information at :

front of the exhibition at World Forum, The Hague

another side of the presentation at the World Forum

Minister Donner being advised which painting to give to the Brazilian minister.

Marcia Carvalho Lopes receives the panel of the Show Your Hope collection made by Bruno Filho .