impression of the movie about Mitrovica, where the mobile exhibition is included

Travel impressions
Balkan journey 2014

In preparation of the Macedonian and Kosovar selection
and as continuation of our quest to have this program taking place in the above mentioned countries
we have accepted the invitation to be part of a film about Mitrovica.

The journey took place with great help of my father, who borrowed me his car since our truck is having problems. FillRouge b.b. from Slovenia supported the journey and we had magnificent help of the Peci family in Mitrovica, who cared for me as if I was there lost son.

We hope the selection of artists we are creating will turn out be be a reflection of society, making clear what kind of changes in life we hope for, and how to achieve this.


Presentations (see election results)
- 01-08 Zagreb, Croatia
- 02-08 Incel, Banja Luka, Bosnia Hercegovina
- 03-08 Zelenkovac, Bosnia Hercegovina
- 04-08 Charmala, Sarajevo, Bosnia Hercegovina
- 07-08 private presentation, Mitrovica, Kosovo
- 11-08 Street presentation, Mitrovica, Kosovo
- 13-08 Interview RTK2, Gracanica, Kosovo
- 15-08 CoffeLibrary 7Arte, Mitrovica, Kosovo
- 17-08 Street presentation, Mitrovica, Kosovo
- 19-08 Private presentation, Svecan, Kosovo
- 18-08 Street presentation, Mitrovica, Kosovo
- 27-08 MIK, Mursko Subota, Slovenia
- 29-08 Streetpresentation, Senj, Croatia
- 30-08 Streetpresentation, Grosnjan, Croatia


Presentatins on the streets of Mitrovica

Presentations on the streets of Mitrovica during the recording of a documentary film by the Slovene FilRouge.
Very interesting but ... filming is a slow proces while storytelling is a direct action.
Future will tell what will be the result of that film.

Incel, Banja Luka, BiH
In Bosnia we had presentations in cooperation Incel. DKC Incel is a a small kultural center on the premises of the old and very big factory complex of Incel, on the edge of town of Banja Luka.

Exhibition inside Incel
Presentations always find their own dinamic. Like in Incel where we met enthousiastic organizers, old friends, participating artists and children. That was a warm night.

Street, Prishtina, Kosovo
Prishtina is some ways is booming. So also urban youth culture. This is a nice example.

Kustrim Latifi
Kustrim´s painting reflecting to hope was focussed on the center of the universe, not being yourself.
Prishtina, Kosovo
Sports accommocation in beton.

7Art, Mitrovica, Kosovo
7Art in Mitrovica is a cultural center and library on the 6th (or 7th) floor

the center of Mitrovica
The center of Mitrovica south side with on the top floor the 7Art art center and library. Later we parked in front of the building and again had a great time. Thank you Valon!!!!

Tribute the the workers
One of the remaining communistic statues in former Yugoslavia is in Mitrovica. It is an enourmous modern sculpture 40 to 50 meters high. it is outragous enourmous if you stand below it.

Out swimming
Anywhere we go we could meet some nice people who like to have a talk and find out who we are and what we are doing in Kosovo. Often it ends up with showing some paintings from around the world and have fun and communication.
We all ambition is gone, and we are not hungry anymore we talk and just be alive. That is what happened here as well.

Peci family, Mitrovica, Kosovo

Being invited to park the combi in the garden of this fantastic family, I enjoyed the conversations and the shelter given. I'm very happy to be able to make this family portrait at the birthday of father Dzafer. And give it to them, as a gift that is not materialistic, but celebrating the memories.


At the local Roller Coaster
Meanwhile we had a tour in Macedonia picking up paintings from different artists around. We visited Gostivar, Tetovo, Ohrid and Bitola. All together 64 new paintings were added to the collection.

RTK2, Gracanica, Kosovo

During the period we had several activities on the 2nd channel of the Kosovar national television. Goo dinterview about Show Your Hope in Kosovo and the situation of young artists in Kosovo. The multicultural aspect might seem normal to many but is rather exceptional in this country.

MIK, Mursko Subota, Slovenia
Some places are attactive and friendly and active and modest and well organized in teh same time. Mursko Sobota is like that to the mobile exhibition and we had a great exhibition again.

Charmala, Sarajevo, Bosnia hercegovina
Charmala is an extraordinary place in Sarajevo. The town has been besieged for many years. And people have leared to take care of themselves. But this place is an open space. Mr. Jusuf Hadzifejzofic made a great location for his story telling contemporary modern art experience and meeting point.
Zelenkovac, BiH
Usualy we give a presentation to the visitors of Zelenkovac, as we did this time. Local guests and guests from Taiwan, Turkey and Serbia.

On the well known Mitrovica bridge
Mitrovica is still a devided city. It is possible to cross this bridge by foot and some people do. But many cameras watch you and probably more eyes will watch you. 100 meters further there is a bridge that can be used, but 50 meters further permanent roadblocks can only be avoided by using the sidewalk.

Senj, Croatia
In Senj we visited one active artist with self initiaive. the presentation for her and her friends was hilarious. Specially the two drunken people.

Serious matters
In this painting things happen that are unstoppable, that should not take place. Like cancer. Thank you Mr. Ilic, for the weight you added to all the serious things that were said.

Master assistent Matjaz
The beginning of the introduction of the FillRough crew from Slovenia.