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33. United Kingdom


The UK is as friendly as the cue on the street getting into a bus appears to be. In fact it is nice to see people giving way on the motorway instead of using their horn and their face and their gaspedal to pump up and show they are there too.
We had a north to south journey through the country. Actually we were only in Edinburgh and England. An introduction to the mobile exhibition in the UK,
so obviously we see things from our own perception. I was speaking with the birds. They often respond and that is nice.
One of the remarkable things I noticed is that most statues are of warriors or kings that killed and got killed. All the theater banners demand you to buy tickets for the best show ever and in the gardens of the many churches (in Edinburgh specially) signs call for peace on earth for all. I got a little confused maybe. Or did I just needed some time to adjust to the fact that I could see my own home, Netherlands, not from south east perception (as usually when I travel) but from the completely other side. Across the sea, left side driving, Atlantic minded, where the Dutch (and most car drivers) are mainly continental minded. The UK is very cosmopolitic, after having a history of being the greatest empire of the world, and in many ways I like that. Meanwhile it looks like a rural country and I would not be surprized in several ways it is. In some cases it is similar to the USA where everyone is an American but in the same time everyone is member of a ethnic minority from somewhere. One does not exclude the other.
The wisdom floats and is part of the subject of general conversations. That is also nice. The UK reminded me often about a theory some one told me: we are 200%, not 100%. At every moment of our life we are here and we are 100% individual. And in the same time we are here and we are 100% part of a community, a group or society or family.
As an island it is obvious the UK has a strong focus on itself. I remember a Glastonbury Festival with 123 act of which 2 from the USA and 121 from the UK. Just an example. However, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe as we visited had, besides an enourmous amount of UK comedy, a strong international program. We performed with Taiwaneze, Australian, German and Korean acts on the Csouth location during the 25 days of the festival. The city is a circus and even more people should come and see.
All together it was a very gentle and nice visit with loads of hospitality, people with little time but lots of love and compassion in a world that is individualized and loves to see more perceptions of hope. We will for sure research the possibilities to return.

Presentations (see election results)
- 01/31-08 Csouth, St Peters Church Terrace, Fringe festival, Edinburgh.
- 01-09 Mill farm, Berwick Upon Tweed
- 04-09 Fox & Phoenix, London
- 06-09 Cliff Top Bar, Cornwall
- 08-09 neighborhood presentation, Folkstone


Name : Csouth, St Peters Church Terrace, Fringe festival, Edinburgh
Objectives : to present to everybody interested.

The Festival Fringe is probably the largest (street)theatre festival in the world. With it's 3100 acts performing every, the festival promoted the city to the capitol flyers.


- Fringe Official review site
- Broadway Baby
- Anton Ovchinnikov

Name : Edinburgh
Objectives : great city

With dozens of festivals, cosmopolitic inhabitants, hills and parks and specially houses made with big stones: Edinburgh is a great city to hang out.


Name : Fringe Festival, Royal Mile, Edinburgh
Objectives : promotion

Thousents of people pass the Royal Mile where countless activities take place. Here I'm supporting I-Lun Lin because she is a fantastic tranlator.

Name : Fringe Festival, Royal Mile, Edinburgh
Objectives : promotion

Thousents of people pass the Royal Mile where countless activities take place.

Name : Fringe Festival, Royal Mile, Edinburgh
Objectives : promotion

Thousents of people pass the Royal Mile where countless activities take place. We used the tricycle in order to make promotion (thank you Peace Office Eindhoven!!)

Name : Summerhall, Edinburgh
Objectives: see art at the Fringe Festival.

Old veterenarian school truned into art house. Saw the old boys and girls of The Ex. Smashing. Thank you very much.

Name : Fox & Phoenix, London
Objectives: introduction into the new door to the soul.

Fantastic location near Finsbury Park for exhibitions, installations, meetings and .... very interesting.

Name : neighborhood presentation Folkstone
Objectives: make friends

Artists and friends we met on previous journeys, in Egypt, now invited us for great 'hello, good to see you again and goodbye UK' feelings.

Name : Cliff Top Cafe, Cornwall
Objectives: neighborhood presentation and meet friends

On the cliff in Cornwall you can only be ... well... you can only be on the cliff. Very nice.

Name : Dismaland
Objectives: see sarcasm in art

Banksy and a number of artist have created an attractive theme park. Unfortunately the weather, the cue and the time made me only see the entrance. A good example of 'pity' and 'obviously you can't have it all'.

Name : Fashion Show, Edinburgh
Objectives: use promotion material for having fun.

Our friends from Taiwan were fantastic. They had a very solid, serious almost tribal performance every day and in the night they enjoyed themselves in any way. Big applause to the crew.

Name : Wimblebon, London
Objectives: a serious rendez-vous.

Isabelle made one of the most popular paintings of the mobile exhibition and her father made the most realist painting of all. Together with mother meg this is a beautiful family, with experience all over the world. This is a landmark she made in Wimbledon.