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28. Mali



Mali, one of the poorest countries in the world.

This introduction is a short version of the Dutch report as was made. We hope the final report will be availlable here as well as .pdf file. Anyway. We visited Mali as volunteer of a humanitarian organization. And we took the invitation to transport three vehicles because it would give us an opportunity investigate the possibilities to visit Africa with the big yellow truck. Now we took 30 paintings and 10 empty panels, drove a volkswagen van and returned by plain.

What to write about a country that is hard to learn?

The first time you visit a country it is an introduction.
The second time you vsit a country it is to meet friends
The third time you visit it is to celebrate life itself.

I tell about a journey by 6 people who hardly knew each other. Six people who left with a similar goal, achieved that goel but meanwhile arrived in complete different conditions and state of mind. Or shall I tell about what I saw on the road. But what we see, isn't this always a reflextion of who we are and what we are thinking about. Insn't it right the cultureshock is a result of dealing with the unexpected, while in the same time, we could have informed ourselves easily. Traveling seems a continuation of the personal experience, with another piece of world as background. Or shall I tell about the inspiration this journey gave, and speak about the things that are ahead of us. These are interesting questions, important enough to think about for some time.
Meanwhile a coup d'etat in Mali, just a few days after our departure, while some of our travelmates were still in Mali. Just to mention how fast the current events take over the ratio and curiosity.

So I limit myself to this introduction and some comments at the pictures below. I'll add some poetry and wait with warm enthousiasm untill the moment we can visit this beautifull country again.

Click on the picture of the travelmates to get some poems about these good people on this remarkable journey [sorry, in Dutch only]


Name : Dogon
Objectives : get ancient sphere
kilometer : 8039 at this journey

The Dogon people are ancient inhabitants of the country now called Mali. They live in clay buildings, have their language and history, often told in stories. In ancient times they came to this region because here they had the opportunity to defend themselves. There was no-one besides the small tribe called Tellem, whith whom they made peace. The geography helped as well.
Now the community partly lives from visiting tourists. With the unrest in the country, this is very limited.



Name : Djenne
Objectives : Crepisage of the biggest mud building in the world
kilometers: 8344 at this journey

Djenne is an old business center in decay. One of the reasons is the river drying up. With the largest clay building in the world Djenne is placed on the UNESCO list of world heritage.


Name : Djenne
Objectives : Crepinage of the biggest mud building in the world
kilometers: 8344 at this journey

The crepisage is a massive community event. Between 6.00 and 11.00 O'clock up to 5000 people work together in order to prepare the building for the next rainy reason.

Name : minister of culture
Objectives : get to know each other
kilometer : 8344 at this journey

During the years in function, Cheick Oumar Sissoko, minister of culture and our host at the night before the event, spoke about the potention of Africa and the power of culture.
He was expremely concerned about the fact there are no more tourists in his country. Very friendly and open mister, with a very friendely crew as well.
By the time we arrived home well, a coup took place and the ministers went into hungerstrike as protest against the rebellion of junior officers of the Malineze army.



Name : Toka
Objectives : get guided on a very nice way
kilometers: 8344 at this journey

Toka is tourist guide in Djenne. he's without job, even an bit bitter. Meanwhile he's professional and experienced. He knows the ciy and wants to get to know his clients. Toka is a great guy. When ever you visit Djenne, find him and he will help you.



Name : Volkswagen van
Objectives : donate this vehicle
kilometers: from the beginning till the end

This car was donated to the contacts of Foundation VAM and Foundation Djenne in Mali, after it took us greatly from Netherlands to Mali.


Name : building a school
Objectives : make documentationa and reports
kilometer :

The foundation we were working for sometimes brings vehicles but meanwhile builds community buildings. This is the backyard of the school/orphanage that is build just outside of Djenne.

Stichting Djenne


Name : Bandiagara
Objectives : Present for the kids, the women and the youth
kilometer :

We presented for the womensclub and the children in Biandiagara, the destiny of our journey. Excellent time with great people. Here you see the result. Mos left on the picture you see Levi, our english translator. However, it turns out to be our french is quit good enough for presentations.


Name : recycle plastic
Objectives : Think further
kilometer :

start up the Clean Art Festival. Organize an international art festival in a location in a develloping country. organize it well because the entrance is a bag of plastic garbage. Clean the environment in cooperation with the community and celebrate this with art and play.
Reclycle the plastic and give some jobs. Announce it worldwide and spread inspiration to others
There are dozens of aims to achieve but there is one main aim this event tries to achieve: an end of distibution of endless amount of plastic.