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Bob Heiligers
In Westen nichts Neues, 0der doch?
Odometer at 260411
date : 02-07-2006


Story SHOW HOPE : I have tried to find out what is harsh. I have seen the pain. Using children as soldiers is horrible. In this painting you can see the differences between the old, inflaxible, hard and dark, expressed through a helmet. And the young, soft, flexible expressed through the teddybeer.

Previous painting: This painting is inspired by the paintings of Edward Hopper, who's name contains the word 'hope'. Here you see the Esperanza Theatre. A man walks. The woman does not sell tickets but reads a book. The program is empty. In the theater of hope you can not just buy a ticket and get what you've paid for. It is much more about imagination, in this theater of hope.

Other painting made by Bob Heiligers

(now in privat ecollection of J. Overmeijer)