Overview 10 years of Show Your Hope

Poland, Danubiana Museum Bratislava, Balkan, Tirana, Turkije, Anadolu University Eskesehir, Aleppo

Pic: national Art Gallery Tirana, Albania

A painting about not giving false hope.
No. of participants: 33
Hakan Gursoytrak
Tacheles Berlin, Pentiment Hamburg, SHOAC Dortmund, WOMEX Essen, Sugahara Konji, Virus Festival

Pic: Bart van overbeke at Virus festival, Eindhoven, NL

A painting about harmony in the families.
No. of participants: 121
Sugahara Konji
Wereld in Nederland selectie, AIDA Nederland, Mundial, Parkpop

Pic: Witte Dame Eindhoven, NL

A painting with the perspective of a refugee.
No. of participants: 142
Wafa Rustamova
Wereld Thuis, Inkijkmuseum, Mundial festival, TAC, Peninsula, GGzE, Amsterdam, DVD Video

Pic: at EDIT Festival Eindhoven, NL

A painting about using the vaillable space .
No. of participants: 213
Jan Radersma
Randstad Selection, NDSM, LPII, Sziget festival, Danubiana museum, Koperground, Parkpop, Ex Yugo Rocks

Pic: at Sziget festival Budapest, Hungary

A painting about quality and trust and respect for imagination.
No. of participants: 374

Sam Drukker
Indian Selection, The Iranian House of Cartoon Iran, National Art Academy Tbilisi, Hafryat Turkey, Anadolu Kultur Merkezi, Bayla Bator in Constantsa Rumenia, Vaiswik Gallery in Pune India

Pic: at Bachpao Bachpan Andolan, Rajastan, India.

A painting about the beauty of the palet of the people.
No. of participants: 461

Bhaskar Hande
"Color Saga"
Childlabour Selection, Peter de Ruiter, Global conference on child labour, Koninklijke Schouwburg, Stuka Fest, GLOW

Pic: at Strabrecht College, Geldrop, NL

A painting about the goodness of people.
No. of participants: 469

Bob van Persie
"Watching People"
Podium Mozaiek Amsterdam, Balkan, Tent, 48Stunden en Tacheles in Berlin, HHproducties, H80

Pic: truck with tent theater

A painting about loving the place where you live.
No. of participants: 529

Gogi Gelantia
"Meine Liebe Stadt"
Tags: Berlin Selection, Tacheles Berlin, Ingenuity Festival Cleveland USA, Strip Core Ljubljana, Academisch Genootschap Eindhoven, 6de Kolonne in Antwerpen

Pic: at Grand OpeningTacheles Berlin

A painting about the anger against the lack of moral in business.
No. of participants: 635

Salvator Cerceo
Africa, European Cultural Capitol Maribor, Prezi, Art Express Labin Croatia, DLUM Maribor.

Pic: at Grand Opening DLUM in Maribor, Slovenia

A painting about the fact that people in modern times uses the ugly instead of the beauty of the past.
No. of participants: 677

Andrej Pavlic
"It is up to you"