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Guidelines for painters participating in the Global Mobile Exhibition

The theme of the exposition is "Show Your Hope". Artists are to decide for themselves how their work relates to this theme.
It is a painting exhibition. Although threedimensional work can be good, it also might have consequences. See painting 166. We do not take the painting with us very often since it needs special treatment.
We know artists like special treatment. But it's not always practical.

All paintings should be 35 x 25 cm (9.8 x 11.8 inches), in landscape or portrait format, and a minumum of 0.6 cm and maximum of 1.2 cm (0.47 inches) thick. Sticking to this format is essential

We would like the paintings to be done on the panels that we deliver. If, for some reason, this is not possible, then the painter is obliged to use the exact dimensions specified above. Paintings of different sizes will not be accepted to the exhibition. Use a MDF panel, not a frame. Sealed with canvas.

The paintings will be stored and transported in specially made boxes and they will not be kept on the truck while it is in transit. Thus, there is no need for artists to take precautions for protecting the paintings from rain and wind.

Background information on the artist
Participants must provide the following information:
Date of Birth
Biography (catalogues, internet pages, pictures)

Background information on the painting
Painters must provide the following information about their paintings:
Relation with the theme of this exhibition:
Personal note:

(get our registration form as .doc file)

We will invite artists in every country we visit. Every year we make a special regional selection. Artists are also free to submit work by themselves but there is no guarantee that paintings donated to us will appear in all live exhibitions. All paintings, however, will be published on the internet and in the final catalogue.
For those artists who are personally invited by us, panels covered with canvas will be delivered by us in a protection cover and picked up unless otherwise agreed.

The team of '80 questions around the world' will arrange to pick-up, the paintings from artists who have been selected to participate in the exhibition. Artists who submit work on their own are not guaranteed picked-up.

The mileage on the truck's odometer will be written on the back of all paintings at the point at which they join the exhibition.

Donation contract
When a painting is added to the exhibition, the artist will sign a registration form which stated that the painting has been donated to the mobile global exhibition. We need this paper for customs.

As far as we have been able to find out, there is no kind of global insurance that would cover an exhibition like this, which grows larger in every country it visits.

The mobile global exhibition has several forums for displaying the work.

1. Via the internet: All paintings will be published on the internet, along with information on the painter, the title, the country of origin and any additional background information.
2. In galleries and at public events around the world
3. At spontaneous exhibitions:
These spontaneous exhibitions can take place outdoors or indoors. Open air exhibitions, in which the paintings are hung on the truck using a simple system, can be held in such places as the market in Tashkent, Moscow's Red Square or the UN headquarters in New York. Indoor exhibitions can be held at embassies, at the houses of art lovers or at the residences of local chiefs and chairmen.
4. At monitors placed in public windows: As part of the '80 questions around the world' project, dozens of monitors will be placed in storefronts (e.g., windows of book shops, restaurants, galleries and musea) and other public places. On these monitors, a slide show will be run non-stop during our traveling.
5. In the catalogue: At the end of the project, a catalogue of all the works will be published.

Sale of paintings
Paintings donated to the exhibition might be offered for sale to support the '80 questions around the world' project, at a price of 250 euros minimum. But only if the artist agree. See our sale information.

Since this is a long-term project, with painters from over 80 countries, we will be compiling a special mailing list of all the painters and partners involved. We will keep them list up-to-date on new released paintings. Painters can keep themselves updated about this project by visiting our web site