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With our 35.000 people on our mailingslist and a 10 fold of people we have made happy during the previous years, we thought this is the right moment for us to start our crowdfunding campaing. Every 1, 5 or 25 euro donated by you will help us very much to complete our mission: show universal beauty of the world, to this world.

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10 year InkijkMuseum
The Inkijkmuseum opened it's window 10 years ago. Since 5 years the mobile exhibition Show Your Hope has residence in the Inkijkmuseum. And since 2013 this public storage room has three rooms available for spending a night. Eindhoven residents and participating artists can can count on friendly discount.
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Our upcoming program is completely dedicated to the development of our house. This year 2016 will only give random small presentations.

Development of our program in countries on the Balkans. After the Slovene selection, we are have invited artists in Croatia, Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia and Bosnia Hercegovina. We hope to present these new paintings with Grand Opening presentations and catalogue in 2016 (?) but there is a lack of budget. If it does not work out in 2016, we shall continue to make that presentation until it is done.

In 2016 we might prepare a selection with Tunisian artists. Just because we think in that country the dialogue is inspiring and usefull for the complete region.
Meanwhile we travel light, in order to be able to reach the smalle places as well.